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Popular Online Casino Digital Payment Methods In 2021

Online casinos continue to pull real money gamers thanks to the convenience of playing whenever you please. To make this more enticing are the payment solutions available. Depending on the site you choose, you’ll come across credit and debit card options, eWallets, prepaid cards, crypto wallets, and many others. You can even make your transactions using checks and wire transfers if that’s what you prefer.

What Are Digital Payment Options?

These are payment methods that enable the payment of goods or services electronically. No physical cash exchanges hands, making it convenient for buying and paying for a variety of things online.

Why Choose Digital Payment Methods?

Casino Gaming aside, the world seems to be moving towards cashless payments. Even when you’re at a store, you’ll find several digital payment options besides making cash payments. Online casino gaming is no different, enabling players to easily fund their accounts 24/7 to keep up with unrestricted online gaming.

Through these payment solutions, you can:

  • Make deposits to claim bonus offers
  • Fund your casino account to play your favorite games
  • Receive payouts from your casino

Another perk that comes with these methods is the ability to make fast transactions. In most cases, deposits will only take a few minutes, while withdrawals may take a few hours, depending on the processing procedures at the chosen gaming site.

By using these solutions, you also save time and money. That’s because you don’t have to rush to the bank during operating hours to make a transfer request to your online casino. You also pay minimal to no fees for online casino transactions, enabling you to make the most of your funds.

Most Used Payment Methods at Online Casinos

Depending on the casino you visit, you may find one or more digital payment options available. Here are some of the popular options available, as well as their benefits.


Established in 1998, PayPal has built a reputation as a leading digital wallet. You can use it for your online gambling needs as well as for making online purchases. The service provider uses SSL encryption to safeguard all transactions. Besides that, you can also request two-factor authentication on your account as a secondary security measure.

While at a PayPal casino, players can expect to make free deposits as often as they’d like. For withdrawals, you may incur a charge of between 1%-4% depending on the gaming platform you choose. The minimum you can transact on most sites is $20.


Visa is one of the leading credit and debit card service providers globally. With over six decades worth of experience in helping people make cashless payments, this service provider is worth trusting with your money.

You must apply for a Visa card at your chosen bank to start using one. While making your application, you’ll choose whether to get a credit or debit card. Transactions at your chosen casino may attract small fees. However, you get to enjoy unlimited deposits.


This Canadian-based service provider was established in 1999. Falling under the eWallet category, it’s a solution that serves as a conduit between your bank account and your online casino.

You get safe and fast transactions with this option, as payouts can take a minimum of a few hours to process. You also get higher limits at your chosen casino than with other payment options. However, expect charges on your online casino transactions. Neteller also has a loyalty program for all its clients, whereby you earn points based on your transaction activities.


Second, only to Visa, MasterCard is also an established credit and debit card issuer recognized globally. It’s been around since 1966 and offers four types of cards. These are Credit, Prepaid, Debit, and Gift cards.

The application process for a card is simple, enabling you to enjoy secure payments as soon as you receive your card. You can also make big deposits at your online casino, although transactions may incur charges on some sites.


Similar to Neteller, Skrill offers casino gamers a bridge between their casino account and their bank account. The service was created in 2001 and initially went by the name Moneybookers. At present, you can use this option to make casino payments from several countries globally.

Unlike Neteller, Skrill keeps fees at a minimum, with players enjoying free unlimited deposits to their casino account. At casinos that accept this option, you get to enjoy safe transactions thanks to SSL encryption software. You can also use several currencies with this eWallet, depending on the casinos you visit.


These are the latest entrants into the online casino scene. Cryptocurrencies are numerous, just like FIAT currencies. At online gambling sites, you’ll find options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. All of these are created using Blockchain technology. That helps to ensure transactions are secure since nobody besides you has access to your account.

Using these options offers instant payment processing, whether you’re depositing or withdrawing funds. That’s because the processing phase is fully automated. As a plus, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed, minimizing fraudulent activities.