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Powerful Automation Strategies To Grow Your E-commerce Business

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The job of a marketing manager of an e-commerce business is challenging. The marketing manager’s plate is always full, from running campaigns to strategizing and marketing the company’s products and services. Combining e-commerce with automation will help save time and resources by eliminating redundant, repetitive tasks and increasing sales and productivity.

Benefits of E-commerce Marketing Automation

E-commerce marketing automation has numerous benefits for a business that eventually help save time, improve return on investment, strengthen customer relations, and optimize costs. Some noticeable advantages of automating marketing in e-commerce business include the following:

1. Increased Average Order Value

Marketing automation allows you to segment customers based on bestselling products and experiment with price changes. A higher selling price of the product will increase your average order value.

2. High Conversion Rate

Automation tools also enable you to send emails,  texts, and notifications to relevant customers or leads at the right time by analyzing customer data, including their browsing history, patterns, purchases, etc.

3. Insightful Consumer Data

Marketing automation enables the customer to fill out details in a form, organize the information and generate meaningful insights. Be it the performance of the product or product preference, the tools analyze everything efficiently and help the business enhance its marketing strategies.

Features of E-commerce Marketing Automation Tools

Before choosing the right automation tool for marketing your e-commerce business, it is essential to understand whether its features align with your goals and objectives. 

For example, Freshmarketer features aim to provide personalized experiences across channels such as email, WhatsApp, sms, and live chat, thus driving real-time customer engagement. 

Some of the features to look out for include the following:

1. Ease of Use

The tool should be simple and easy to use. The interface of the automation tool should be self-explanatory and easily navigable without any need to provide extensive training to the employees.

2. Price

All marketing departments have a set budget. When picking out the best automation tool for your business, it is crucial to keep that in mind. Do not judge its efficiency or effectiveness by its pricing.

3. Compatibility

Your e-commerce marketing automation tool should be able to integrate easily with your existing systems and programs. If you know the compatibility requirements, you may avoid investing additional budgets in APIs and webhooks to integrate the tool with your system.

4. Customer Service

Choose a solution with a dedicated team to address technical issues related to the automation software and guide you step-by-step through setting up the tool. 

Powerful Automation Strategies For Your E-commerce Business

Some simple yet powerful automation strategies that will help you grow your e-commerce business from day one include the following.

1. Welcome New Customers

Sending a welcome email to customers who sign up or purchase is becoming a common trend in the e-commerce industry. A customer may be interested in a home decor item or purchase one from your e-commerce store. You may send them a discount coupon for an item or service that will complement their browsing or purchase history. This strategy will pique the customer’s interest and increase the probability of broadening the customer base. Consider automating the process to send targeted emails with relevant discount offers.   

2. Recover Abandoned Carts

Customers may leave items in carts for various reasons. Use automation tools to follow up with the customer regarding their abandoned carts. These automatically triggered emails with catchy subject lines may convince the shoppers to complete their purchase!

3. Reconnect With Inactive Users

Most often, customers create their accounts and wait to make a purchase. You can use automation tools to reconnect with such customers, offer them attractive discounts or coupon codes, and try to win them back! Further, they may make a single purchase and exit the e-commerce platform for good. 

4. Consider Omnichannel Presence

Consider using an automation tool to reach the lead through an omnichannel presence. It means testing customer responses to your promotions on multiple channels, such as social media platforms, emails, and texts. In this social media-oriented world, relying on just one or two channels may be a setback in your business. 


Using automation for marketing can reap numerous benefits for your e-commerce business. However, the awareness of automation tools and features will enable you to design marketing strategies that align with your business goals and objectives.