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Powerful Changes to INTERPOL’s Red Notice System

Red Notices are one of the most popular red notices issued by Interpol and other international police organizations. The most recent modifications to the system got introduced, and the new regulations govern how to challenge a Red Notice. 

In the past, individuals could get issued Red Notices without their knowledge. This led to many problems, as people were unable to contest the accuracy of the information contained in the notice. The new rules require that Interpol send a notification to the individual when a Red Notice gets issued.

This article will look at how these changes have impacted how individuals who receive a red notice can challenge it through official and unofficial channels.

1. Official Channels

The most obvious way to challenge a Red Notice is through the channels provided by Interpol, e.g., through Interpol Law Firms. The organization’s Constitution provides for two types of review: an Administrative Review and a Commission for the Control of Interpol’s Files (CCF).

a. Administrative Review

The General Secretariat of Interpol conducts the administrative review and is the first level of review. The purpose is to ensure that the Red Notice satisfies the requirements of the Constitution and General Regulations. Specifically, the administrative review looks at whether:

  • The notice got issued for one of the offenses enumerated in Article 2 of the Constitution;
  • The notice is compatible with Interpol’s Fundamental Principles
  • There are no grounds to believe that the notice got issued for political, military, racial or religious persecution
  • The issuing country provided sufficient information to indicate a prima facie case against the individual.

If the administrative review finds that the Red Notice does not meet one or more of these requirements, the notice will get canceled.

b. CCF Review

The CCF is Interpol’s second level of review and is conducted by the commission elected by the General Assembly. The CCF has the power to cancel or modify Red Notices, and its decisions are final.

The CCF review is similar to the administrative review but with two important differences. First, the CCF conducts its review ex post facto: it can only review Red Notices already issued, not those in the issuance process. Second, the CCF’s review is confidential: the proceedings are not made public and the CCF’s decisions are not published.

2. Unofficial Channels

While Interpol provides two channels for individuals to challenge Red Notices, there are also unofficial channels that one can use. One such channel is the media.

The media can play an important role in highlighting cases where individuals unfairly issued Red Notices. In some cases, the media attention can lead to Interpol taking action.

Another unofficial channel for challenging a Red Notice is social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have helped in raising awareness of cases where individuals have been issued Red Notices unfairly. In some cases, the attention generated by social media has led to Interpol taking action.

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Areas that Need Improvement

While the reforms have made it easier for individuals to challenge Red Notices even though, there are still some areas where improvement is needed. One such area is the CCF review: the proceedings are confidential and the decisions are not published, making it difficult to hold Interpol accountable.

Another area where improvement is ideal is in the notification process: while Interpol must notify individuals when a Red Notice gets issued, it is not required to provide them with the reasons for the notice. This makes it difficult for individuals to prepare for an effective challenge.

Without these improvements, it is difficult for individuals to know whether their Red Notice is justified and, if not, how to challenge it.


Red Notices are powerful tools that can be used to bring criminals to justice. However, they can also be abused, leading to innocent people being placed on international wanted lists. The reforms that have been implemented by Interpol have made it easier for individuals to challenge Red Notices, but there is still room for improvement. Overall, the reforms have made it easier for individuals to challenge Red Notices, but there is still room for improvement.