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PPC Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023

It’s time to start planning your 2023 PPC strategy because 2023 is just around the corner. Paid ads and search engine results are essential, but why should anyone worry about them? There is a reason for this: paid ads convert better. According to PPC stats, organic results only get 35 percent of clicks, and paid results get 65 percent (converting 50 percent higher).

PPC trends will dominate in 2022 and will change the online advertising game for every digital marketer, so getting familiar with these trends is the key to creating an effective strategy. You can find out future PPC trends by working with a paid social advertising agency.

  1. Going Social

The number of people checking a social media platform at least once a month has increased to 70 percent. PPC strategies that ignore social media are missing out.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are among the most popular social media platforms people use daily. It is common for many of these demographics to use more than one platform, especially the younger generation.

Many of these demographics use multiple platforms, especially the younger generation. It would be great if you took advantage of this multi-platform trend since most people use several social media platforms. The bread and butter of paid advertising in 2022 will still be Facebook and Google, but you should consider expanding your horizons.

  1. PPC Automation

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate Google and Bing ad tasks is one of the biggest trends in PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising for 2022.

By 2021, the global automation industry is expected to generate around $238 billion, with process automation accounting for the largest segment. By 2023, process automation will grow from 71.5% to 83.2%. Though automation in PPC isn’t exactly new, it’ll play a much bigger role in ad testing.

  1. Voice Search and PPC Integration

In the coming year, Voice Search integration with PPC will also increase as people increasingly talk to their digital assistants and smartphones. There are also staggering statistics on voice search sales. As an example:

According to a UK-based analyst at Juniper Research, it is estimated that voice commerce will generate more than $80 billion annually by 2023.

TechWyse projects voice-based advertising revenue to reach $19 billion by 2022 and voice-based shopping to reach $40 billion.

A growing number of consumers search for local businesses online using voice search. PPC strategies will undoubtedly be altered by videos in 2022. You can’t take this trend for granted if you want to reach more customers in the coming year.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

By 2030, artificial intelligence is predicted to have a $15.7 trillion economic impact on the world. With AI, marketers can create more effective PPC campaigns, including:

  • Predict future ad CTRs
  • Analyze how ads affect quality scores
  • Analyze a customer’s likelihood of converting
  • Identify the bids that will get the most traffic
  • Implement keyword, ad, or campaign optimizations when certain events occur (e.g., your CPC falls below a certain level).

By learning your audience’s behavior, AI creates more targeted ads to help your PPC campaigns perform better. There will also be a significant impact on Amazon Ads, not just Google or Bing ads.

Through the use of AI, you can enhance your Amazon Ads campaign in the following ways:

  • Set up automated bids (both for short-tail and long-tail keywords)
  • Change bids according to predicted revenue per click for the keywords
  • Long-tail keyword optimization for ad campaigns
  • Diagnose active keywords at once with detailed diagnostic information
  1. Smart Bidding

Smart bidding optimizes your ads for conversion based on your goals using machine learning. Google Adwords bidding has never been easier.

Google’s AI system for conversions automatically optimizes each auction. Smart Bidding helps you achieve your advertising goals within your budget by letting Google know your goals. Some PPC goals can be achieved with smart bidding, including:

Target CPA: Increase your cost per acquisition by generating new leads and customers.

Target ROAS: Maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Maximize Conversions: Boost conversions.