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Practice Tests: The Most Recommended Preparation Option for Microsoft AZ-304 Exam

Microsoft AZ-304 is a new Azure certification exam, which has been recently created to validate the applicants’ expertise as the Azure solutions architects. This test is still in the beta status because its previous version, AZ-301, will be available for taking until September 30, 2020. Microsoft decided not to replace the AZ-301 exam with new AZ-304 straightaway. Instead, the company gave a 90-day phased release schedule in which both tests will be available concurrently until the older version is finally retired.

In this post, we will talk about the new exam version that Microsoft offers its potential candidates. So, let’s take a look at what it means for you as a specialist who wants to become a certified expert in Microsoft Azure.

Vital details of Microsoft AZ-304 exam

Microsoft AZ-304 is geared towards those individuals whose job involves advising the stakeholders and also translating the business requirements into the most secure, reliable, and scalable solutions. Generally, this test assesses your knowledge and expert-level skills in the areas of Azure development, Azure administration, and DevOps. There are no other prerequisites for attempting this exam besides mastering its topics. As for the associated certificate that you can get, you will need to pass both the AZ-303 and AZ-304 tests. After you successfully take them, you will obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential. It is also important to know that Microsoft AZ-304 measures a couple of skills that make up the topic areas of the exam. These domains are as follows:

  1. Infrastructure Design – 25-30%;
  2. Monitoring – 10-15%;
  3. Data Storage Development – 15-20%;
  4. Security and Identity Design – 25-30%;
  5. Business Continuity – 10-15%.

There are 40-60 questions in the Microsoft AZ-304 exam. The length of the test is 150 minutes and the fee is $165. The passing score for this exam is 700 points, just like for most of the Microsoft certification tests. The format of this exam involves case studies and scenario-based questions, as well as single and multiple choice. You can visit the official website to watch video tutorials regarding each of these types that you can encounter during the actual test.

Top preparation option for Microsoft AZ-304 exam

There are already many video courses and other study materials such as exam dumps designed for Microsoft AZ-304. However, practice tests are the most common choice among the learners. You can find them on various platforms, and they can come in handy when you need effective prep tools for this new exam. Even if you are not able to get hold of study guide, instructor-led courses, and online training, you can still make the use of practice or sample questions. Immediately after the first certification test is taken, exam dumps become available as the questions and answers are compiled by the professionals who have already passed the same test. This is a very convenient option indeed.


As we already mentioned, Microsoft AZ-304 is a beta exam, so pass it while it is new and be among the pioneers with the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification on your resume. It will help you secure well-paid jobs in big companies, in addition to being equipped with the latest skills and giving a solid ground for further study.