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Predict the Outcomes of the ‘Big Brother 20’ Finale

The Final 3 are officially set on ‘Big Brother 20’. Now it’s time to predict what will occur on the season finale.

The deadline for predictions is when the season finale starts on Wednesday, September 26 at 9:30 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. B.B. 20 has been good although I don’t like when one group dominates. I like when people form new alliances. I think the jury will favor Kaycee if she gets to the finale. However, Tyler will be a big threat to win, also. Some jury members to respect his gameplay. I still lean towards Kaycee.

  2. I think if Tyler wins he should take Kaycee but may possibly cut her, thinking that her odds are better than his. If he takes Kaycee, I think odds are in her favor. But with BB you never know. JC the Tasmanian devil, should have been sent packing on day one! Steve deserved to stay in the game longer. If JC is sitting next to anyone in final two, BB may as well say bye bye!

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