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Prediction for the Most Popular Esports in 2023

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Online gaming has been gaining traction for a while, but nobody would have predicted the enormous spike in popularity in 2020 and 2021. The Covid-19 global health crisis forced people to stay at home. Consequently, more people gravitated toward online gaming since it offered some sense of social engagement, contributing to the incredible rise in Esports and betting on Esports

The revenue numbers are staggering, and the forecasts are extraordinary, but one thing is sure – Esports will become bigger and more mainstream. As fans and players of games ourselves, we always remain informed of the latest developments in the world of Esports and where it’s going. Here’s where you can expect some popular Esports titles in 2023. 


Esports is due to make a first appearance at the Asian Games in 2022, which many see as the foundation for a future in the Olympic Games. We predict that medals will be handed out for events including FIFA, PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, Dota 2, League of Legends, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, HearthStone, and Street Fighter V. The Asian Games is the litmus test organisers will use to determine if Esports has a future at the Olympic Games.

Since Paris will be hosting the next Olympic Games, French President Emmanuel Macron has already announced that the 2024 games will offer us the historic opportunity of witnessing Esports take centre stage at the Olympics. Considering the massive following of Esports around the world, it would be a considerable success. 


The world of football has fully embraced Esports, with some of the world’s biggest clubs having representatives in tournaments worldwide. Some popular football players, both past and present, enjoy gaming in their off time and follow Esports regularly. The global governing body for football, FIFA, held a 2022 FIFA Champions Cup in Qatar, where 16 of the best Esports players went head to head at the Doha Sports Hall. 

We can expect more significant tournaments like these taking place around the world. Since the virtual version of the sport has its following and can attract distinguished sponsors alongside packing out the arena, nothing stops Esports from reaching the levels of their physical counterparts. 


2023 will see Riot Games make a few changes to the Valorant Esports scene as they introduce three new regional leagues in the United States, Europe and Asia. This structure will be more in line with other popular titles such as League of Legends and Dota 2. Some details aren’t immediately apparent, for instance, which teams will have an opportunity to participate in the new leagues. Still, the company said the new model incorporates long-term relationships with no entry fees for a select number of teams, ensuring stability for what they call “the world’s fastest-growing Esport”. 

Furthermore, selected teams will enjoy an annual stipend from Riot Games alongside in-game activations and product releases. Apart from international competitions, it will all culminate in the World Championships, similar to the League of Legends layout. Since LoL is one of the more successful Esports, the company is trying to replicate its formula for the team shooter game. 

New Titles

Some people have become tired of titles such as CS:GO Live, and there is a demand for new games in the Esports scene. The Halo series has been a long-standing feature in Esports, but 2023 will see the introduction of Halo Infinite, an action-based first-person shooter. 

Once this game becomes a staple, it will replace other Halo titles in the franchise as the preferred option. 

Diabotical was the product of a crowdfunding effort and provides players with an imaginative first-person arena, introducing several aspects of first-person shooter games. This game came about with the Esports sector in mind. Even though it may not compete with the likes of Halo or Quake, it offers superb competitive play, suggesting that the developers paid attention to audience engagement and gameplay. 

The Witcher franchise has proven to be popular on television screens around the world, giving way to the game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. It will be free to download and play and involves virtual card trading, a trend that never seems to die. 

Roller Derbies are popular in the US, so making a game to replicate the sport may not be as popular. However. Ubisoft will release Roller Champions, a fast-paced title that pits two teams of three against each other. The game is similar to Rocket League, and it’s easy for rookies to nail down. However, becoming the best requires hours of practice, and Ubisoft has said that they have notable plans for this title, hoping it will become a popular Esport game worldwide.