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Preparation Tips and Examination Tips for Class 11 Maths

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Class 11 maths is very important especially for the students who will take the competitive exams after 12 and also for the class 12 boards. The concepts that you practice in class 11 are very useful.

The syllabus is quite huge in class 11 so one has to have a thorough preparation from day 1.

The chapters in class 11 Maths are  Sets,  Relations and Functions,  Trigonometric Functions,  Principle of Mathematical Induction,  Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations,  Linear Inequalities,  Permutation and Combinations,  Binomial Theorem, Sequences and  Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry, Limits and Derivatives, Mathematical Reasoning,  Statistics,  Probability. Binomial Theorem, Sequences and Series,  Conic Sections.

Plan the study strategy properly.

The student should start making the pattern of studies and divide the subjects into their respective chapters. Now focus on topics in which you have a good grip and practice according to the examination pattern. When once you have solved all the problems then you can focus on those topics in which you are weak. 

Preparing the notes is very important on the important topics then you can start solving the problems accordingly. Remember this subject needs only practice with understanding.

Marking the chapters.

Mark the chapters which you have completed so that you know the topics you have covered and simultaneously start revising the one you have finished.

Regular studies and completion of the syllabus before will make you perfect and confident. Revision and practice will make all the problems very easy. In no time you can feel that you are the master in the subject. 

Solve Sample Papers

By solving sample papers students can get good work for the final exam. solving previous year question papers will help to get an idea of the question pattern and also the marking scheme. It also helps you to improve on time management and speed.


Whenever you are going forward with the news chapters make sure to revise the previous chapters. Especially the chapters with definitions, formulas, and theorems. 

Preparation of notes.

A well-organized note is always useful. You can also highlight the important points or the topics so it becomes easy to repeat them whenever you want to.


Maintain a separate book to note the formulae, theories, and methods. This subject is all about formulae, theories, concepts and you are always advised to keep them handy. You can read them whenever you get time. This practice is very useful when you are doing your last-minute revision. You can also write all the formulas on a single sheet and stick them on the wall where it is visible. Whenever you see it every day and every time the image automatically gets captured in the mind.

Solving Yourself

It is good to go through different types of problems, but at the same time, you should also make sure that you solve them for yourself. It is easy to learn the assumptions and concepts but to learn their application is not that plain. So, if you want to score full marks in Mathematics, you need to solve each question by yourself several times.

Know your strengths and weakness.

Having a distinct perception of your syllabus and weight to various sections will help you to judge the time you should dedicate to each section. 

Understanding the areas where you need to concentrate more will surely help you to score better. Solving sample papers and evaluating by giving chapter-wise tests can help you to find those divisions in which you need more practice so that you can improve the scores.

Solve in proper steps.

All the steps in the problems should be very clear. You should not skip any steps. You should keep in mind when you write the answers during the exam the examiner should understand all the steps. It should be clean and legible. Don’t overwrite. If there is a mistake you can just strike it and write beside. Develop this habit during the practice also. No examiner will spend time going through your answer sheet. He will have many papers to correct.

While practising also makes sure you give attention to each step and follow systematically. Make a habit to show the working also in a systematic way.

Avoid careless mistakes.

Read the question before you start solving them. Practice is the only solution to get rid of careless mistakes.

Clearing the doubts.

 While solving any problem whenever you are stuck and have a doubt clear the same and then go further. Don’t learn anything with doubts in the mind.


Practising graphs and figures can help you to score higher marks if you make them with concentration and tidiness. Make use of the ruler and a sharpened pencil. These are some of the simplest things that you should not forget to carry as they play an essential role in fetching marks. 

During the exam.

Read the question paper once you receive it. Spare some time to go through the question paper and analyze the questions. 

Analyze the questions which have more weightage and attempt those first. Make sure you finish the paper before time and keep time for revision.

Answer the ones which you are confident about. Make sure you go according to the seriality. If you are skipping some problems and want to do them later then leave a blank space but don’t change the order as it will create confusion.

Be careful while doing the calculations. Students often lose marks in minute mistakes. Be careful especially with the numbers. Note the correct numbers.

Once you complete the answer sheet don’t be in a hurry to leave the hall. Sit and revise correctly see to it you have not left any questions. Revise your answers well.

When you come out of the examination hall never discuss the exam or the questions. Just go home and relax.

Furthermore, you can refer to RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 15 Solutions for chapter wise solutions.

Have proper sleep and be healthy with physical exercises and meditation.

Most importantly stay calm and positive.