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Prepaway – My Personal Experience: How to Prepare for ACT Test and Pass It on the First Try

There is a lot of information everywhere on how to pass the ACT test. All this is helpful in preparation for the exam. However, it would be better if you also learned from someone else’s experience. This article is dedicated to this because I am going to share my personal
experience of passing the ACT test. You will learn about the strategy I used, which you can also apply to pass your exam.

What does “pass” mean?

In the ACT test, there is a range of scores, such as poor, average and excellent. What defines if you pass ACT or not is whether the score you get is high enough to get you into your desired college or a university you are applying for. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you prepare well so as to get high result that will allow you to enter the college and will give you other benefits.

Now that we have defined what to pass the ACT test mean, you need to identify your goal beforehand and start working towards achieving that. What I did is that I began to research what scores were accepted in the colleges I was interested in. Look up each school’s ACT information and save it somewhere so that you can narrow down your choices. Get the average score that is accepted in most schools that you choose and start your preparation.

My ACT preparation strategies

Preparing for the ACT test is not as easy as it may sound. Therefore, it is important to make a schedule of everything you need to do everyday. I used the following strategies in my preparation process:

* Set a target score

As we have already seen, it is important for you to set your score goal and work towards attaining that. Your target should be 75 percentile score for you to increase your chances of being accepted in most schools.

* Create a study plan

Determine how many hours you will need every day to study for the ACT test. Depending on your schedule, you can devote as much time as you want. Make an effort and study daily. Don’t wait until it’s too late for you to start.

* Take practice tests to know your starting point

After you have set your target, it is time to take a test and determine what you are good at and what you need to work on. This will save you time because you will focus your study efforts to those things that you are not good at.

* Take more practice tests

The practice test is very important because it helps you in many ways. They will assist you to evaluate your effectiveness in your study. Thus, you are able to make some improvements.

My ACT preparation tips

What helped me maximize my ACT score is using realistic and simple strategies.The following tips can be applied to all sections of the ACT exam.

* Never cram

From my personal experience, cramming ACT answers will not bring any good. Remember that the ACT exam is used to measure all that you have learned for all your high school. Hence, cramming will not make any sense.

* Get to know the test

Trust me that by doing this, you will save yourself alot of time. The best thing you can do is to familiarize yourself with the exam format and sections. When you get the test, you will know what is needed in each part and this will make you more confident.

* Tackle easy questions first

This is a strategy that I have been applying for some time in every standardized test I take. I mark all the easy questions and answer them first. After that, you can come back later and work on more difficult questions.

* Use a test booklet well

The ACT booklet is yours and you can make good use of it. You can write in it, cross out the correct and wrong answers and also utilize it to write down some points. This is permitted and can help you in a great way. When I was taking my ACT, this helped me a lot when I wrote down some answers that I feared could disappear from my mind easily.

However, you should be careful not to do scratch work on the answer sheet. Don’t put unnecessary marks all over because this will make it hard for the machine to scan your answers. Make sure that you follow the guidelines given carefully.

* Divide your time

Since you don’t have the whole day to sit for the exam, it is important for you to manage your time to ensure that you answer all questions in the right way. The strategy I used was to limit myself to 1 to 2 minutes for difficult questions and about 10-30 seconds for simple ones. This gave me enough time and I wrote my ACT without any stress.

* Read questions carefully

This is where most people go wrong. They never read the questions keenly and end up making mistakes that could be avoided. You may sometimes find that you have given an answer from a practice test. This has happened to me. Thus, please,read the questions carefully.

While not all the strategies I used to pass the ACT test will help you, this will give you the guideline on how you can formulate your own strategy.