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Programmatic Advertising – The Future of Publishing

Programmatic advertising is also known in the name of “programmatic marketing” or “programmatic media buying”. Programmatic advertising is the system of purchasing a space for advertisement via software. It enables you to depend on complex algorithms for delivering contextual advertisements (such as craigslist personals). It has now become one of the dominant forms of buying and optimizing digital advertising, in the year 2020, it will be one of the biggest digital marketing trends. So, it is essential for marketers to know the basic procedure of programmatic advertising and how it does work. Google has predicted that very soon, programmatic advertising is going to take over a fair share of the digital advertising space. The number of successful Programmatic advertising companies in every country is growing extensively, as in the US, according to E-marketer, around 88% of all digital ad spending will be directed in programmatic. Now in this article, our aim is to explain and define you about the most important aspect of digital marketing – the future programmatic advertising:

1. Benefits of using programmatic advertising and the reason for calling it the future of Publishing:

Here are some good reasons why and how a Programmatic advertising company facilitates using programmatic advertising correctly:

● Strategically spend your advertising budget:

Using Programmatic advertising, you can focus on the users of the granular level. With a plethora of correct data about your prospects, you can reach your viewers with the perfect message, in the appropriate place, at the perfect time. It will let you use your ad budget smarter, excluding the wastage on uninterested viewers.

● Programmatic advertising makes online marketing easy:

Today’s digital marketing occupies a huge section of the business world, but still filled with a number of inefficiencies. The main responsibility of Programmatic Advertising is to tackle these inefficiencies to make the job of digital marketers easy and hassle-free. Now, only using DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) correctly, an advertiser can start to engage in a thing called ‘programmatic direct’ or ‘programmatic guaranteed’.

● Real-time measurement and optimization:

Using the programmatic advertising, it is easy for you to measure the amount of time it takes for the performance of each advertisement.Now, advertisers do not need to depend on an excel sheet as the Programmatic advertising will help them to test and improve results as well as have a clear look at their ad expenses.

● A clear and transparent way of buying media:

In this process, brands have to rely on agencies and third parties for maintaining their expenditure over the advertisement, which will establish a totally fixed and transparent fees structure.

● It’s not always data-focused:

For perfect Programmatic advertising, you do not need to know all the information about your targeted users. Because in this way, contextual targeting of audiences will provide a seamless, and also a less intrusive way of reaching your desired audience.

● Multi-channel and format reach:

Programmatic Advertising makes your way to reach a huge number of audiences across all digital devices like mobile, desktop, tablet, in-app, via TV and even out-of-home. Thus, Programmatic Advertising has enabled online marketers for efficiently performing throughout a wide number of digital media platforms.

2. Challenges of programmatic advertising:

Just like other marketing sectors, online advertising and programmatic comes with various challenges. This can be solved by taking some brand safety measures and knowing the total concept of Programmatic Advertising correctly.


As a conclusion, technology is constantly empowering digital marketers to establish their skills and make a place in this trading world. It’s quite obvious now to use programmatic advertising strategically as it is going to be the future of publishing.