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Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

Most online casinos today offer two distinct types of slot games, classic and progressive slots. Both offer a jackpot prize which leaves many punters asking what the difference is. This article explores the fundamentals of progressive jackpot slots.

At this point, you might be wondering “What is a progressive jackpot? ” and “What are progressive slots?” Well, just as with classic slots, progressive slot games revolve around placing bets and spinning reels. The ‘usual’ prizes are won by matching numbers or reels. Progressive jackpot slots differ from traditional slot games as they usually have a jackpot prize that keeps increasing as more people play. In addition, the jackpot is often tied to several slot titles, which means different games compete for the same prize. Usually, the jackpot amount grows to enormous amounts, far beyond what classic slots offer. This can be evidenced by the fact that the largest slot wins of all time have come from progressive jackpot games.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

There are several types of progressive jackpots. While the underlying principle remains the same, progressive jackpot slots often have different rules. For example, some employ the highest paying symbols, scatter symbols, or special characters for the jackpot. That said, here are some types of progressive jackpot slots.

Wide-Area Progressive Slots

Usually, the most popular progressive slots, wide area progressive jackpots, can be described as a network of interconnected slot machines. Concerning online play, this jackpot is typically managed by a single software developer, who manages the payouts and sets aside jackpot funds from each machine on the network. Furthermore, since online slots are available to a global audience, they tend to grow much faster.

Standalone Progressive Slots

As the name suggests, standalone progressive slots collect money from a single machine. As such, the jackpot amount tends to grow relatively slower. Based on the nature of the competition, these slots offer better odds of winning the jackpot.

Random Progressive Slots

These slots employ multiple jackpot levels. Upon triggering the jackpot feature, a player is expected to play a random game that determines the jackpot they receive. Notably, the chances of activating lower-level jackpots, such as minor and mini jackpots, tend to be much higher than those of the mega jackpot.

Choosing the Best Progressive Slots Online

The chance to win a colossal jackpot starts with choosing the best online slots jackpot. Of course, some titles often offer better odds. But, of course, the casino’s reputation typically turns out to be a crucial factor. With a good casino, the player only pays attention to the ground rules, including bonuses, payment terms, and games.