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Pros and Cons of PHP Outsourcing

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PHP is currently one of the most frequently used programming languages in web development. As it’s been a long time since PHP has been first used, hence plenty of web developers all over the world have mastered it. This is a great advantage, compared to other programming languages. 


PHP outsourcing teams are easy to find

Freelance PHP developers dwell all over the world and use numerous freelance platforms, where you can find them. The two most reliable of them are Upwork and Clutch. Upwork is a freelancing web service that targets the North American IT market in the first instance. It is a global platform though. Clutch may also be useful. It is an independent B2B cooperation web platform that provides relevant, unbiased feedback for outsourcing firms. The service shows an honest rating of all the registered companies, relying on the collected data. Both platforms offer a big choice of separate employees and professional teams of PHP developers. 


Since there are lots of services that can assist you in finding both separate developers and reliable and experienced teams, it is clear that the outsourcing approach will save you valuable time that you may have spent on gathering a PHP developing team. Taking a ready-to-work team instead of gathering it from nothing will also ease communication and project management, not to mention that with the use of an outsourcing team there’s no need for extra room in your office. 

Better cost-effectiveness 

Outsourcing really reduces your basic and secondary expenses. Just imagine what a useless production sequence you can get rid of outsourcing your PHP startup. As you don’t maintain a big web development team regularly you need a smaller office, because you need significantly fewer employees. What does it mean? A smaller office is needed, and perhaps lesser taxes. Outsourcing team that works for you remotely is on the other hand doing its best to gain or maintain their reputation because their business depends on this. That’s why PHP outsourcing is also a win in terms of speed and quality. In addition, a qualified professional with vast experience will also cost you cheaper as a part of the outsourcing partner’s team rather than a solo full-time employee.

It opens new technologies for you

Outsourcing PHP projects in different companies and even different countries broadens your capabilities and flexibility. New approaches, different strategies, and an untrivial view on the development issues make projects more successful.  


Complicated communication

If the outsourcing team you hired is bad at your language or Engish or is located in a remote area with an inconvenient time zone you may be facing communication issues that will effectively endanger the work on your project.

Lack of control

Communication issues and some other factors uninevitably lead to the loss of control over your projects and numerous project management difficulties such as constant delays, ineffective troubleshooting, and overall low quality of the works done. 

Data security concerns 

You have to be careful while outsourcing a project that highly leans on information security. Classified information is an extremely valuable resource and before risking to lose or partially lose it because of data leaks you have to check your outsourcing partner properly. To protect your project you should only choose companies with a positive experience, good reputation, and decent feedback from previous clients. 


Outsourcing surely has its pitfalls, but all the risks can be effectively nullified by the clever choice of the company partner. Currently, the best choice for outsourcing is Eastern Europe. Such countries like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and others should be considered. We recommend one of the most reliable PHP development outsourcing teams from Ukraine – SapientPro. The company deals with all the aspects of PHP web development, works with all the most advanced frameworks such as Symphony, Laravel, and Yii. It has embodied lots of interesting projects from casual and simple websites to advanced mobile applications and PWAs, from delivery services to education platforms, from car auctions to crypto and blockchain.