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Pureology’s Commitment To Sustainability #BeautywithPurpose

© by Photo courtesy of Pureology

While Earth Day takes place in April, being conscious about the environment is something we should be focusing on all year round. Hair care brands like Pureology–the first Zerosulfate® vegan hair care product–are right on the pulse of what’s happening, continuously striving for greener solutions as they strive for a sustainable future.

In recent years, the rise of beauty products that are ecologically-friendly has grown considerably. Like many brands at the forefront of sustainability, Pureology was created in California.

Pureology’s formula allows for 75+ applications per bottle–this saves constant repeat purchases resulting in more bottles in our landfills. All shampoo and conditioner bottles are made with 95% post-consumer recycled materials, and all secondary packaging with cartons is made of 100% recycled fibers.

As the brand enters its 20th year, that eco-commitment has grown to encompass even more sustainable benevolence: The new Pureology boasts a reduction in carbon footprint during sourcing of ingredients and raw materials, increased water conservation through concentrated formulas, and  95% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging that is 100% recyclable.

And of course, Pureology formulas are paraben- and mineral oil- free.

Recently, the much loved brand launched a completely renovated product lineup, with a new look and select formula improvements. “Color care without compromise” is the Pureology promise to professional stylists and at-home users who wish to align their beauty product choices with their personal values: sustainable practices, aesthetic performance and emotional empowerment.

The new Pureology will be introduced in June on and at SalonCentric, and will be fully available in August at ULTA and  Pureology will launch en masse on later this summer.

“The moment where women feel the most beautiful and confident is in the salon chair after a fresh salon service. That’s the power of a professional stylist service,” enthused Candy Gebhart, General Manager, Pureology.

 “It’s that moment of feeling undeniably beautiful and confident that Pureology aims to preserve from the inside out, from salon visit to salon visit,” she added.

 Check out Pureology’s amazing products:

Multitask – A fantastic leave-in treatment with 21 benefits that primes hair for heat, detangles, protects from damage, and adds shine from root to tip

Smooth Perfection – This wonderful product restores manageability for frizz-prone, color-treated hair

Nano Works – An amazingly rich, transformative shampoo that renews softness, manageability, and shine to cleanse dull color-treated hair.

Hydrate Soft – A nourishing treatment that softens color-treated hair with an intoxicating fragrance that takes you on a captivating, aromatic experience.

Hydrate – A creamy, luxurious shampoo that deeply hydrates normal to thick dry, color-treated hair

Strength Cure Blonde – For blondes in need, here’s this wonderful purple shampoo that tones and fortifies brassy, damaged and lightened hair