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Quick Tricks For The Best Netflix Experience

Netflix essentially set the stage for modern streaming platforms and the entire streaming industry when it comes to entertainment. 

Throughout its history, there have been countless updates and new features added to the platform.

Here is how you can make the most of these features for the best Netflix experience:

  1. Make The Most Of Profiles

While most people use profiles on Netflix for each family member or friend that is a part of the account, there are other creative ways to use the profiles feature on Netflix.

For example, if you have a couple of friends you watch shows with every night then you can create a separate profile for just group viewing. 

Similarly, if you and your significant other watch a show together that is different from your individual choices then create a new profile for that.

By creating a different profile for each of these circumstances, not only are you making it easier to access your shows based on the present party, but also making room for better recommendations.

Since the Netflix algorithm suggests shows and movies based on your past viewing choices, you are more likely to find entertainment that suits your mood as compared to searching for hours. 

Similarly, if you and your friends only watch reality tv together, you will get better recommendations based on the profile that only has reality tv in the watched category for the algorithm to pick up on.

Remember, Netflix cracks down on password sharing so be mindful of giving away your login details to anyone.

  1. Use Netflix To Learn

Who said you can only use Netflix for entertainment? 

Netflix has a wide range of supported languages which means you have access to hundreds of international titles right at your fingertips.

Many studies suggest that consuming media in the language you are trying to learn can enhance your understanding of the language. It can also help you learn the language quicker as you are familiarizing yourself with how the language is used in everyday life as characters are talking to each other.

Instead of always choosing the dubbed version of an international title, try to watch with original audio and subtitles in your native language. You will be surprised to see how this transforms your language-learning process.

But don’t forget that binge-watching Netflix may affect your studies and assignments. If time is short, take the help of Writers Per Hour to meet the submission deadlines.

  1. Make The Algorithm Work For You

We have already mentioned how the algorithm works when it comes to suggestions based on viewing history, however, you can make the algorithm work for you even better.

Netflix used to have a 5-star rating system where you could rate whatever you watched out of 5 stars. However, to streamline the process further, Netflix introduced the thumbs-up/down feature instead of the 5-point rating system.

This system allows you to give your recent watches a thumbs up or down easily indicating whether you would like to watch titles similar to this title or not. 

You can make the most of this system by rating every single title you watch and helping the algorithm get a better sense of what you like to watch. Additionally, depending on the version of Netflix you are running, you can even super like or double thumbs up when you really like something.

All of this will enhance your search and change the way you browse new recommendations.


In addition to the tricks and tips mentioned above, you can also try out other browser extensions and tools to take your Netflix experience to the next level. 

From random title generators to secret category lists, you can truly change the way you binge-watch on Netflix.