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Quit Cigarettes and Adopt Bong for Smoking

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Among various types of bongs glass bongs are the most popular bong material which is demanded by many smokers. The most obvious reason behind this is because they offer the cleanest and purest taste. After all, glass doesn’t affect the flavour of the smoke. You will enjoy smoking in this bong. 

Things to consider while choosing a Glass Bong – 

There are various things you need to keep in mind while choosing a bong like – 

  • Inspect for defects – always before buying a bong look that the glass does not have any defect or hairline cracks. Look carefully at the areas next to spirals and joints in the bong.

  • Before using clean it – clean your bong before using it because the bong may have dust and absorbing particles which you can absorb while inhaling if you don’t clean it. Make sure your use fresh and clean water for cleaning the bong so that you can have a better smoking experience. Don’t overfill the chamber with water so that it does not allow the liquid to shoot up the stem. Overfilling the chamber with water will result in ruining your herb or splashing water into your face. Also, make sure that you don’t blow down into a bong’s tube because by doing this you will force the water out of the carb and up the down stem. This will either blow your herb out of the bong’s bowl or will soak it completely.

  • Change it up – for enjoying smoking with bong pack the herb tightly and then put your mouth inside the top of the tube. This will form a tight seal and then cover the carb with your thumb also light the corner of the bowl. While doing this inhale slowly and uncover the carb. 

Types of Glass Bongs – 

Bongs differ in shape, size, and height according to their types which also impacts their ability to pull the smoke through the water chamber and then into the tube. The diameter of the bowl of the bong and stem also affects the flow of smoke and air. The types of bongs include – 

  • Percolator Bong – this type of bong has a glass filter that is suspended into the water chamber. This glass filter is solely responsible for breaking up and spreading out the bubbles, and also ensures that smoke is circulated through the water.

  • Bubbler Bongs – this bong has a drop-down water chamber that cools and filters the smoke. Make sure that you do not pull too hard otherwise you will swallow the water.

  • Mini Bongs – this bong is best suited when you want a cheap bong. They are made up of thin glass and rely on a carb system.

  • Scientific Bongs – this bong is stronger than other bongs and also has more resistance to heat. 

Glass bongs are larger and more expensive than other types of smoking devices.  But the most amazing thing about these bongs is that they come in uniquely designed pieces.