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Ranking of the Best Upcoming Games

For those of us who remember playing Super Mario on the classic Nintendo NES, it appears we’re a long way from home. A new generation of consoles promises new exciting releases in different genres. Ps 5 and Xbox series X are the major competitors of this race.

Oh, and for those of you who’d like to relive the nostalgia, you can still buy Super Mario and a plethora of other classic NES games over at The Old School Game Vault.

But I digress…

Here we’ve collected the most anticipated games of 2021. Choose which to play first and start planning your vacation because these games will demand your time and attention for sure. Without further ado, here is a ranked list of the best upcoming games of 2021.

8. Resident Evil Village
The Resident Evil franchise successfully returned with Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2: Remake. The games showed that survival horror is still on a roll, and Resident Evil Village is ought to continue the success. This time misadventures will lead gamers into a snowy village (the name of the game is after the main location of the new game), where we have to solve another mystery of monsters outbreak. The game will feature the first-person view, as RE 7, and characters both old and new like Ethan from RE 7 and Chris Redfield, a veteran character of the series. Developers promise a tense atmosphere, a variety of enemies, and encounters. The game worth waiting.

7. Bloodlines 2
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 is another glorious return. After more than a decade of waiting, the grim world of darkness returns to the gaming world. The franchise went through a lot of changes and reconceptualization to show gamers a fresh view on vampires. We play as a fledgling vampire who finds themselves lost and abandoned in a world full of dangerous predators. The game will feature many vampire special abilities, deep and well-developed role-playing system, and a detailed gaming world. The game promises to show everything that people loved about the first game and a bit more on the top.

6. Hytale
One of the most anticipated games of the next year. Hytale attracted attention right after its announcement. A passion project of the Hypixel team, which supported one of the most popular Minecraft servers, turned into a major rival for the Mojang game. Hytale is a block-based game about exploration, craft, and creative self-expression. Sounds awfully similar to Minecraft, but Hytale features many more features such as advanced AI of monsters, quest system, minigames, and much more. Hytale Release Date and Hytale news will be available on the game’s official website. Hytale promises to be an engaging and complete experience delivered by an experienced and passionate team.

5. Far Cry 6
Continuation of the famous Ubisoft series. A fictional Caribbean island Yara become the place of action this time. The protagonist needs to liberate the island from the tyrant Anton Castillo, El Presidente. The game promises to be the most ambitious sandbox in the series. We may expect familiar gameplay such as elimination of the enemies, capturing outposts, and developing our character. One of the memorable elements of the series is its antagonists, and Giancarlo Esposito nails the role of a cold-blooded dictator perfectly. We may expect the game in February 2021.

4. Hitman 3
One of the next generation debuts is Hitman 3 by IO interactive. The game develops the ideas of previous chapters and elevates them to a new level. As in the previous games, we play as Agent 47, a heartless killer who gets the job done. As usual, we disguise ourselves as part of the scenery, carefully plan the victim’s assassination, and masterfully execute it. Triquel promises to be the most ambitious part of the reboot. The game will include remastered missions from the previous games as well as limited missions with unique targets. For example, Shawn Bean played as an almost unkillable target in Hitman 2, so we may expect more cameo of famous people in Hitman 3. The game is expected in January 2021.

3. Bravely Default 2
A new exclusive game for Nintendo Switch. The Claytechworks team returns to the Bravely series, promising further development of the JRPG genre. Despite the number 2, the title is the third game in the series, which means a combination of all good ideas and bringing something new to the table. The game will be a stand-alone story, without a strict connection to the previous releases. Still, we may expect easter eggs and references. As usual, we travel across a fantasy continent, fight fierce monsters, gather friends, and complete quests. Games by Claytechworks are famous for their visual style, captivating music, and fresh look on the genre’s standards. Bravely Default 2 will have it all.

2. Kerbal Space Program 2
The original Kerbal Space Program caused a furor in the gaming community back in 2015. People did not know that they wanted a spaceships building simulator before the game’s release. Kerbal Space Program 2 shall expand the original concept and add new features. For example, there will be more propulsion methods as well as new models for building on the surface. Besides, players will be able to colonize new planets and play in the cooperation mode. There even will be a proper introduction to the game for novice engineers who are not familiar with the first game. We expect Kerbal Space Program 2 in Q3 2021.

1. Halo Infinite
Master Chief returns! Halo Infinite is a direct sequel to the renowned Halo series. The recent issue of Master-Chief collection, the anthology of the previous games in one bandle, should have prepared gamers for a new blockbuster by 343 Industries. There are not many details about Halo Infinite except the fact of its direct connection with the Master Chief’s story. The developers promise the game to be “much more human” than all previous entries of the series. The game is awaited in 2021.

Final words

This list is not exhaustive, and there will be more fascinating games next year. There are high expectations from games for the new consoles. They need to utilize the potential of the new console’s hardware and present compelling storytelling, which is quite a challenge nowadays. Therefore, gamers will be able to experience their favorite games with enhanced visuals. There will be remastered versions of the old games, which are loved by critics and gamers. Therefore, you may have a list of your favorite games for the next generation of consoles already.