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Rattan Pinus Ebike: The Ideal Ebike for this Growing Lifestyle and Recreational Obsession

Electric bikes, or ebikes as they are commonly known, are one of the most common forms of recreation globally. And their appeal has skyrocketed in recent years. In the United States, for example, sales for E-bikes have increased a whopping 269 percent from 2019 to 2022, according to market research firm Circana. Last year, U.S. sales topped $1.3 billion.

COVID, of course, accelerated the already booming increase in ebikes, solidifying them as a cost-effective, clean and equitable means of transportation and recreation. But their usage pre-COVID was already on the rise and their merits are endless, including…

-convenience and efficiency
-eco-friendly nature
social, health and wellness, and recreational benefit
-easy-to-handle usage and powerful performance 
-overall fun and enjoyment

Overall, the ease of using ebikes in the health, recreational and budget-conscious world of today is a win-win for both the manufacturer and the end-user. And, in this article, we focus on one of the fastest growing brands in the ebikes universe: Rattan, and why the Rattan PINUS model is a “must have” for outdoor camping or any outdoor adventure.

Rattan PINUS
The Pros…

-750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor
-Fat Tires
-Front Suspension
Shimano 8-speed gearing and hydraulic disc brakes
-Long Battery Life
-Torque Sensors
-Top Speeds with ease
Different levels of acceleration and cruise control.
-A USB charger integrated into the display unit.
-Comfortable and Safe

The Shimano 8-speed gearing and hydraulic disc brakes make the stopping easier and more dependable.
*The illuminated rear turn signals on the handlebars safely indicate the rider’s next move to fellow cyclists and motorists. 
*Riders can alter levers of acceleration and cruise control.
*A USB charger integrated into the display unit can power up your mobile phone.

The end result: A Smoother, Safer and Natural Feeling Ride

Combining a powerful performance with a sleek modern design (including the choice of two colors – lava red and sky blue), the dual-battery setup on the Rattan PINUS can reach as many as 150 miles in one usage. The foldable design and torque sensors translate an easy, comfortable, enjoyable and safe performance. And the end result, particularly for camping enthusiasts, is a flawless experience in the fresh air while you are enjoying nature.

Specifically, with a durable frame, the Rattan PINUS can support up to 400 pounds. With a foldable design, the Rattan PINUS can be easily carried or stored. And with fat tires (measuring 20” x 4”), a front suspension and ergonomic leather grips, the Rattan PINUS can be safely and comfortably driven across a variety of diverse terrains. Overall, this makes the Rattan PINUS a suitable partner for camping outdoors.

With advanced torque sensor technology, the overall riding experience, particularly in varying degrees of outdoor terrains while camping and exploring the outdoors, can detect the force any rider applies to the pedals. This allows the motor to deliver power more intelligently and efficiently, resulting in a smoother, more natural riding feel. 

Whether you’re commuting, casually using it, or exploring trails, the sturdy aluminum alloy frame and hydraulic disc brakes on the Rattan PINUS ensure reliability and safety in every journey. 

“I have had this bike for about three months and have put 300 miles on it. I absolutely love riding the Rattan Pinus e-bike,” said one happy customer. “Although it has five different pedal assist modes I traditionally ride in PA Mode-2. This keeps me at around 18mph. When you stop pedaling you will be amazed at how far your bike will coast.”

“During my first test drive I was hooked,” wrote another satisfied customer. “Hard to explain, but riding up and down the street effortlessly just made me want to ride more.”

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Have any questions?

Rattan has an expert support staff ready to assist, and an easy return policy and warranty.

Happy trails with the Rattan PINUS!