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‘Raw Travel’ Books Solo Road Trip for Season 9

New Episodes Themed the 'Raw Travel Road Trip' and 'Raw Travel Re-Booked'

Weekly travel/lifestyle series “Raw Travel”, from AIM Tell-A-Vision Group (AIM TV) and hosted by Robert G. Rose, have charted a course forward for the upcoming ninth season in first-run syndication with an eye on helping the travel industry recover from the devastation caused by the pandemic. The strategy integrates domestic (USA) and international travel content.

The “Raw Travel Road Trip” and “Raw Travel Re-Booked” themed episodes will provide escapism, anticipation, and real-world, practical advice to an audience craving travel and hope of a quick recovery to the tourism community. “Raw Travel Road Trip” will feature Rose taking a solo road trip via a camper van (#Vanlife) or small recreational vehicle (RV) across the USA. Rob will be documenting his experience traveling the cities, towns, backroads, and nooks and crannies of a recovering nation. With domestic travel likely to bounce back first, viewers will be looking for guidance on destinations, travel safety tips, and overall, how travel has changed (or stayed the same) since the pandemic’s ruthless interruption. The road trip will also present good opportunities for destinations and travel-related marketers to promote themselves to potential new target markets.

“Raw Travel Rebooked”, meanwhile, will offer viewers a rare glimpse into international destinations themes not broadcast since the early seasons of the series. Included will be bonus material, unseen content, behind-the-scenes commentary, and social media destination updates, and contesting to create excitement around the “Rebooked” themes.

“How and when the resolution of this pandemic evolves, there will be pent-up demand from travelers and travel marketers as they work to gain market share and take advantage of the re-set,” says Robert G. Rose, producer and host of the series. “As the travel community recovers, we want to be there for our travel partners, advertisers, TV affiliates, and especially our viewers, guiding them as travel opens up again,” Rose continued. “Viewers will be able to count on us to set an example of following the science to showcase travel’s safe return to our lives.”

Season nine of “Raw Travel” will begin next October.