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React Native: Assets and Advantages for business in 2021

What is React Native?

React Native is developed by Facebook and is one of the latest growing development frameworks. Developers use this open-source and cross-platform mobile application development framework for saving time and building apps. You can find and hire React Developer India and build fully featured, cross-platform native apps for both iOS and Android by using JavaScript language. 

That’s not all, React Native is quite affordable and you can build robust and high-performance apps with that. In this article, we will try to understand all the necessary aspects including cost to hire cross platform app Development Company. React Native enables you to avoid re-writing code twice and the single code can run across multiple mobile operating systems. Hence, it is very easy for developers to implement the same code for Android and iOS. 

It’s an open-source and community-driven framework that is encouraged by dedicated developers who are willing to share their experience, knowledge and skills to improve and support the framework. Let’s deep dive into the topic and unfold the assets and advantages for businesses to use React Native. 

What are the benefits or advantages of using React Native for businesses in 2021?

We have listed the benefits of using React Native framework which is described below:

1. JavaScript language 

The reason why react native framework is gaining huge popularity in the market is due to the fact that it uses JavaScript programming language. As compared to Swift and Objective C, React Native is easier to learn and implement. Therefore, in the app development market, React Native is the best cross-platform app development for newbies. That’s the reasons most startups prefer to use React Native framework. 

2. Optimum Efficiency  

React Native helps in two ways – first, it improves or enhances your efficiency and secondly, it boosts your development speed in different ways. This platform helps the developers to combine high speed and efficiency with mobile applications. Say, for example, it can integrate with third-party plugins for using the device’s functionality of other sensors. 

 3. Code Reusability 

By using React Native, developers can create native components and allow them to reuse the same code for multiple platforms. Additionally, the same code can be used for mobile and desktop users. 

4. High Performance

Apps built on React Native perform like Native apps that were built on the specific Android or iOS platform. Also performance wise these are very much optimized. These apps take advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) instead of CPU which makes it faster than cross-platform hybrid technologies. 

5. Saves money and time

React native is compatible with Android and iOS as more than 95% of code is cross-platform. This framework assists the developers in the manner that they need to build one application in the end and two apps will be created that will ultimately result in saving time during the whole application development. 

6. Modular Architecture 

It helps in optimizing team collaboration required for generating and receiving updates thanks to its modular architecture. Also while working with mobile and web APIs, this module can also be reused. 

Famous apps built with React Native 

The most promising reason that compels you to use React Native framework for your mobile app is that it gives you access to build any sort of application with the aid of this framework. No matter if it is a fast speed, graphically driven game, React Native is always a good fit for the majority of mobile-based applications. 

In today’s world, all the big giants are recognizing the significance of this mind-blowing framework and why it has got so much potential in delivering quality-oriented solutions for businesses. The Indian tech market has also got a rich collection of quality to react native developers. You can find and hire react developer in India for your projects. 

Here are some of the most famous projects built using this framework:

1. Instagram 

Instagram has become the most popular social media platforms with more than 1 billion monthly active users. The Instagram developers could substantially improve their velocity and deliver the product faster due to code sharing between the applications for both the major operating systems – Android and iOS.

2. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is yet another popular example of a mobile-based application both for Android and iOS. The purpose of this app is to provide global business and finance news. The reason why the company chose React Native is to accelerate the launching of their new product features and offer their users an interactive and seamless experience on all the platforms. 

3. Airbnb

We all know Airbnb and its significance in the Tours and Travels industry. Again, React Native is behind this magnificent application. Initially, the company was aiming to accelerate the development time and rapidly penetrate the market. That time there was one and only one solution – React Native. Resultantly, they got the application in a tiny duration with a Native-like experience. Today, Airbnb has a massive user base of 43.3 million users alone in the United States. 

4. Facebook Ads

React Native helped Facebook in building its other products and achieve extraordinary results. Facebook Ads today, is a quick responsive app with an engaging UI and intuitive UX on both platforms. 

5. UberEats

UberEats is a well-known name in the food ordering application market. In the earlier face, the organization wanted to maximize its built-in restaurant dashboard and in order to achieve this, they selected React Native and the rest is history. 

How much does it cost to build an app using React Native?

Undoubtedly React Native is a reliable platform to build scalable apps for both platforms. Now the question comes when you want to know the exact cost to hire a cross-platform app Development Company. With React Native you can save your investment up to 50%. The figure also depends upon the fact that how much source code you choose to resume for both platforms based on its functionality. 

Nevertheless, you can save up to 40% of the initial investment plans if your app doesn’t have special features concerning a single platform whether iOS or Android. Let’s understand this with a logical example. If you are currently working on a native development project, which costs around $50k for both the OS, then by using React Native, you can cut the cost to $30k which straight away saves you $20k. But remember, this proportion is strongly influenced by the amount of source code you reuse. You can contact to find and hire React Developer from India and know the cost to hire a cross-platform app Development Company.

Primary Cost Deciding Factors of React Native App Development

1. App Complexity 

App complexity is one of the major factors to decide the cost of the project. The more complex the app, the more cost it incurs. 

2. App design 

Building a customer-centric apps needs the integration of social media platforms along with some essential add-ons. These are crucial factors in deciding the cost of the app. 

3. App maintenance and support 

After the release, you will have to update your app regularly to keep up with the user expectation that enhances user retention and engagement. All this comes under maintenance and support that add to the cost. 

4. Developer Experience 

If you want an experienced and skilled developer, you have to invest a good amount of money unlike in the case of a newbie. Find and hire React Developer from Indian to kick-start your project.

5. User Authorization 

An app that doesn’t need any authorization will cost you less. However, the app would require functionalities that cost more. There should be combined efforts from both the developers and the enterprise to make sure that applications are developed and deployed in a seamless manner.