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Reasons to Change the Locks at Your Home or Business

Congratulations, you’ve just purchased a brand-new home! It’s time to open the champagne and invite your family and friends to join you in celebrating. When the celebration is finished, it’s time to get down to business, unloading your belongings and changing your locks, or rekey them.

It would appear to be a lot of effort to replace locks throughout your home or company, but it is a critical step for your personal protection. You have no idea how many duplicates of your key are out there. That is simply one of the reasons you require new locks.

Continue reading for a comprehensive list of reasons why changing your house locks according to Commercial Locks and Doors is a smart idea.

  1. You are unfamiliar with the previous occupants.

If you knew and loved the former owners of your new home, the first criteria won’t be as important to you. Listen up if you don’t know who had it last.

You have no knowledge about the previous occupants.

The previous owners may have told the real estate agent that they surrendered all copies of their keys, but that does not imply they did. It is best to modify the locks if you wish to restrict your access to the unknown.

  1. You don’t know how many duplicates of the key are floating around.

During the previous occupant’s stay, they may have distributed keys to roommates, partners, relatives, or friends. If you do not replace your locks, all of these persons will be able to access your home whenever they want. That’s a terrifying concept!

  1. You Want a Unique Lock Design

Fear isn’t the only reason to change your locks. It’s fine to replace your locks if you don’t like the design of your current ones or if they’re a little old and rusted.

  1. You Wish to Improve Your Security

It is sometimes more important to consider security than the aesthetic of the locks. You wish to replace your present old locks with electronic locks that are a touch more secure. If your locks were even partially breached during an attempted break-in, they may have been damaged to the point where they no longer operate correctly. 

  1. Keys have been misplaced or stolen.

If any of your key holders have misplaced or stolen their keys, it is critical that your business locks be replaced as soon as possible. You never know where those misplaced or stolen keys are, or into whose hands they may have landed. 

So, for total peace of mind, choose an authorized locksmith to replace such locks. It’s a simple and quick process that’s significantly less expensive than dealing with burglary damage repairs and insurance claims.

If your locks were even partially breached during an attempted break-in, they may have been damaged to the point where they no longer operate correctly. 

  1. The lock isn’t functioning correctly.

If you notice any problems with your company locks, it’s time to replace them or, at the absolute least, consider a lock repair. Because London buildings vary in age and condition, it’s possible that your lock is ready for an overhaul. 

Only a competent locksmith can confirm for certain, but there are warning indications that should drive you to seek help.

Jammed or stiff locks; drooping or loose multipoint lock handles; indicators of wear or damage to locking points; and trouble turning keys are examples of these. A malfunctioning lock will not effectively safeguard your goods.

  1. Employee Transition 

Layoffs or dismissal of workers is one of the most difficult and sometimes unpleasant aspects of owning or operating a business.

Even the most innocent-appearing (former) workers might engage in damaging or illegal conduct. As soon as you have a new employee, contact your locksmith to get your locks replaced. Assume you’re using a typical lock and key setup.

In such a situation, you should consider upgrading to a system that allows employees to get entry to your firm using a code or key card.

Upgrading to a more current system can save you money in the long term since you won’t have to update the locks every time someone quits.


Your company or house will benefit from having your locks changed due to greater safety and security, but you can also add accessibility and increased curb appeal to the list of advantages.