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Reasons to Invest in a Lead Generation Chatbot

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Chatbots are revolutionizing marketing, conversations, and customer service. Businesses that aspire to round-the-clock availability can make the vision a reality by implementing chatbot services. The market revenue for chatbots is estimated at $458 million approximately in 2027. According to a survey by WotNot, 87% of customers preferred connecting with a chatbot immediately instead of waiting for human intervention. 

Chatbots are a good deal whether you have minimal resources or want to improve your marketing abilities. A lot of businesses are currently mining the power of chatbots to improve their lead generation abilities. In this article, we will see how chatbots can help lead generation and why your business should consider it.

The Numbers Behind Lead Generation Chatbot

Chatbots are extensively used by businesses to hold conversations with customers and help resolve issues. In the healthcare and banking segments, chatbots handle close to 75-90% of conversations. 

Sizeable use of chatbots is made in travel and hospitality, eCommerce, retail, and real estate, among others. With the global AI market growth, there is believed to be increased chatbot adoption by companies. 

According to Tidio, 17% of businesses use chatbots for lead generation. Most companies are contemplating how they can improve their sales or leads.

Before diving into the reasons or how chatbots can improve lead generation, let’s understand what we mean by lead generation chatbots.

What is a Lead Generation Chatbot?

A lead generation chatbot is a bot that is specifically used to understand customers, nurture them and pull them into the conversion chain. They are designed in a way that they can identify the potential customers, attract them towards the ideal products or services and make them convert eventually. The bot helps nurture a relationship and ensures more conversations than selling. 

Top Reasons Businesses Should Invest in Lead Generation Chatbot

Let’s see why your business should invest in a capable chatbot for lead generation. It can help improve the number of prospects added to your company and the conversion rate.

An Always Available Resource

Your human resources aren’t always available; however, that doesn’t mean you cannot converse with your potential customers when your business is closed. That’s where the bot comes to play. The lead generation chatbot is always available. It will help your business stay online even when your resources are offline.

Whether sorting a query or answering a quick question that can help decision-making, your bot is always there. This is especially helpful when you are a worldwide business and customers are online at all odd hours. 

Know your Customers Better

The chatbot for lead generation is trained to ask questions, play quizzes, and run surveys that can help the business understand their customers better. They will offer insights to help you build more products or marketing material to convert your customers. 

They are designed with unmatched intelligence that helps with insight building after a thorough analysis of the answers provided by your customers. Eventually, you can divide your customers into clusters and offer personalized content to grab their attention and convert them.

Excellent with Building Relationships

As a business, you must cultivate relationships with your potential customers. Talk to them, converse with them, get them interested in your business, and convert. 

Imagine your customer just asked you about a particular product. The chatbot will immediately respond with the correct answer. They will converse with customers about their preferences and requirements and suggest alternatives.

They are almost akin to the person in the store; they aren’t too pushy, take time to hold conversations, and make sure you feel comfortable with the choices.

The customer is at the core of conversational marketing

Helps Educate the Customer

Not every customer stepping onto your business site is interested in what you provide. Some of them aren’t aware of what products you offer, while a few others are trying to figure out if you are the one that can help solve a problem.

Under these circumstances, you need to provide your customers with the right level of education. They should be aware of how your business products can help them. Offer them the right content on how you aim to solve the issues on hand.

With the suitable material, you will get them interested and help them make the right choice. The chatbots are excellent conversation makers and can provide the right answers to all questions asked.

Use Social Networks for Reach

You can use your chatbots on select social media channels that you believe can improve the outcome. For example, add a chatbot to WhatsApp, and see the boost in your reach. Similarly, adding it to your Facebook page can also enhance your reach.

With more people in your network, the chance of growing your potential customer base is high. You will notice that more people prefer connecting with you. By adding lead generation bots to your social media channels, you can enhance the incoming leads. You can also extend the business visibility beyond the business’s defined horizons. 

Cost-effective Lead Building

With lead generation chatbots, you can increase your business’s leads cost-effectively. You won’t need to invest in extra resources or infrastructure to keep the conversation rolling. It will also reduce the queries and the incoming calls effectively. As a result, businesses can reduce operational costs and relatively enhance their profits.

As you are investing in fewer resources and only necessary aspects, you will have fewer overheads to pay for. It will also increase your productivity.


We took you through the benefits of a chatbot for your business. One of the most significant benefits is the amount of queries it answers, which automates the whole lead generation process. Investing in a lead generation chatbot can save a lot of time and energy. 


Moreover, they hold interactive conversations that keep the customer engaged with your page for a long while. They will make the potential customers check things that they otherwise would ignore. As a result, your chances of conversion increase. 


By being always available and handling a lot of things simultaneously (customer service and lead generation), you should invest in a good chatbot for your business.