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Reasons Why Kundali Bhagya is Still in the Top 10 Best Serials

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Zee TV always strives to bring fresh and unique content and experiments with new formats. The channel introduced ‘Kundali Bhagya’, a super hit family drama show and an extension of the most popular tv serial Kumkum Bhagya. Kundali Bhagya is receiving love and appreciation from all corners. A first-of-its-kind concept emerging from the sub-plots of an already prevailing show, Kundali Bhagya is hitting the right chords. After recording a continuous increase in the ratings, the show overtook its sister show and remained on the top of the charts table. Kundali Bhagya narrates the story from the  manifold narrative of KumKum Bhagya and its basic sub-plots. The show follows the  journey of Pragya’s long lost sisters  to reunite with mother Sarla, the show shifts to a wealthy Punjabi family – the Luthra. Furthermore, it explores the life of Preeta and Shrishti with Rishabh and Karan Luthra to form the crux of the story. Starring Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar as Preetha and Karan in the lead roles, the gripping narrative keeps the audience glued to the screen. Star producer Ekta Kapoor produces Kundali Bhagya under Balaji Telefilms. 

Started in 2017, the recent Kundali Bhagya episodes will see Preetha and Karan’s love story, Preetha leaping into danger, Karan’s attempt to protect Luthra and Sherlin demanding money from Sonakshi. If you missed to watch your favourite serial, you can now  watch Kundali Bhagya online on Zee Tv in YuppTV Catch-up at your convenience. 

Let’s see some of the reasons that worked well for Kundali Bhagya. 

  1. Gripping Story 

Kundali Bhagya storyline is relevant, relatable and logical. Unlike other TV shows, Kundali Bhagya instead has a compact gripping storyline and shunned too many lengthy tracks and dragging scenes. Successful in building excitement, the show enthrals audiences across generations. 

  1. Interesting Tracks

Unlike Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya has interesting parallel tracks between the four leads, along with an extended story of Pragya and Abhi. The audience applauds the on-screen chemistry between Karan & Preeta, and the duo continues to entertain us all these years. Preeta and Karan both have made a special place in the heart of the audience. 

  1. A slice of life drama

There are no kidnaps, no deaths and resurrections, the kind of stuff that has become normal in regular TV serials. The story, narration and actors bring freshness and newness. With the possibility of many new angles to explore, Kundali Bhagya keeps the audience glued. A spin-off has a scope of getting freshness to the old story. 

  1. Twists and Turns

The story moves forward at a decent pace and amuses the audience with intriguing twists and turns, which make the show exciting to watch. The show is a favourite for many due to the fascinating storyline that keeps audiences hooked to screens. In the new developments of Kundali Bhagya epiosdes, viewers will get to see many twists in Preeran’s life and the Luthra family

  1. Stellar Cast 

The show has an ensemble cast of prominent and talented actors capable of quickly pulling their roles. Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Manit Joura, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Anjum Fakih are brilliant performers. The major part of the show’s success is attributed to the actors for essaying the characters convincingly and forming emotional connections with the audience.

All these reasons combined have brought immense popularity to the show and made Kundali Bhagya worth watching. Subscribe to YuppTV and watch all popular tv serials on Zee. You can also watch movies, reality shows, music shows, and many other exciting programs. Watch Kundali Bhagya online on YuppTV and never miss any episodes of your favourite serial.