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A Record 455 Original Scripted Series Aired in 2016

The Concept of 'Peak TV' Continues to Rise

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In this era of “Peak TV,” FX Networks Research has complied a report with an estimated 455 original scripted series – a new record – airing across broadcast, cable, and streaming sources in 2016. Comparably, this is eight percent above the 421 original scripted series in 2015, and a significant 71 percent above the 266 recorded just five years ago, in 2011. The study by FX Research begins in 2002 (the year FX’s “The Shield” was launched), with 182 original series. The results by year are as follows:

2009: 210
2010: 216
2011: 266
2012: 288
2013: 349
2014: 389
2015: 421
2016: 455

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman has been writing professionally since 1999 and is the author of the “Mr. Television” for Campaign US ( Most recently, Berman was the creator and Editor-in-Chief of website and newsletter TV Media Insights for Cross MediaWorks. From 1999-2011, he was the Senior Editor for Mediaweek and has also written for The New York Daily News, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Emmy Magazine, among others. Berman has also appeared on “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood,” “Inside Edition,” “The CBS Evening News,” E!, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and MSNBC.

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      • I wonder if this is the new norm as more and more channels provide original content along with the Amazon’s/Netflix’s/Hulu’s, etc.

      • I agree Marc there is way too much content out there, what made TV special like round around before the meat of the 2000s was that there wasn’t as much content available and everybody was watching the same things. I think TV is much better off when there are fewer options to watch.