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Record Rating for ‘Gravity Falls’ Series Finale on Disney XD

'Gravity Falls' Accounts for Disney XD’s Top 9 Regular Animated-Series Telecasts of all Time in Kids 6-11

“Gravity Falls” concluded its series run on Monday, Feb. 15 as the No. 1 telecast in Disney XD’s history in total viewers (2.9 million), kids 6-14 (1.5 million) and boys 6-14 (909,000), based on the Live + 3 Day data from Nielsen. It was also the top-rated regular series telecast on record in kids 6-11 (1.0 million), boys 6-11 (642,000), kids 2-11 (1.3 million) and boys 2-11 (797,000).

Comparably, “Gravity Falls” ranked first in its time period across all cable TV in total viewers, kids 6-11, boys 6-11 and boys 2-11. The all-day “Gravity Falls” Takeover Event and series finale generated 10.7 million unique total viewers (including 5.4 million kids 2-14 and 3.1 million boys 2-14). And “Gravity Falls” now accounts for Disney XD’s Top 9 regular animated-series telecasts of all time in kids 6-11 and the Top 7 in boys 6-11.