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Recovering Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury and the Losses Caused 

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Did you sustain a traumatic brain injury or TBI after an accident caused by another person’s negligence? If so, you cannot let it slide while you deal with growing medical bills, continuous pain and suffering, and non-stop income loss. You should speak with a personal injury attorney and get solid legal representation. The right attorney understands how complex your injuries are and helps you identify the liable party and hold them accountable for the losses you have sustained. 

How a TBI Can Affect You

A TBI can get you hospitalized for days or even months. For some people, the impacts of a TBI do not go away. After surviving a TBI, you deal with piling medical bills. Your medical treatment, in-home care, medications, lost income, and rehab needs will drain your savings rapidly. However, you should not need to pay for other people’s negligence. Although monetary compensation cannot ease your pain or disability, it can ease the burdens that continuously affect your life. 

Long Impacts of a TBI

The impacts of a TBI may not appear right away. You may experience dizziness, visual disturbance, and pain immediately after the accident. But if such symptoms escalate or persist, you should speak with a lawyer. You might have injuries or a long-term disability that is more severe than you expected. Common effects of a TBI include memory loss, serious pain, loss of consciousness, issues with motor skills, loss of sight and hearing, and others. 

Protect Your Right to Compensation

As the long-term impacts of a TBI may not be immediately apparent, insurers usually prey on accident victims before the true effects of the accident can soak in. These companies will offer settlement money that may seem considerable at the time. They know that a quick payout can attract some claimants to relieve their financial burdens. However, you must not fall for these insurance company tactics. 

Accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company before you know the full extent of your injuries means you cannot pursue more compensation later. If your condition worsens later, the insurer can’t be held liable anymore. So, before you make a decision that can affect your financial recovery, you should contact an attorney first. Your attorney will assess a settlement offer and determine whether it’s worth accepting or not based on the severity of your injuries and their impacts on your life. If your injuries have significant effects, you can increase your settlement substantially.