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Relationship Between Science and Religion Essay Example 

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In our daily lives, Religion and science are two words that are always believed to oppose each other. The differences between the two words result from the logistics and factual basis. For instance, Religion focuses on having faith in an unknown being. 

On the other hand, the scientific word is based on logistics and proofs with explanations. This makes the two terms far apart as most people who dwell in science find Religion, not an option. However, the two words share some interactions with some similarities in their discussion. 

It is out of the sharing of interactions and commonalities that makes the two words have a field of study. According to Alfred White, a protestant theologian, nature work and God are one. He states that any change in nature is also a change in science and alters society’s comprehension of God. 

Therefore, when looking at the relationship between science and the relationship, there are two main opinions to consider from exclusive paper

Science and religion words are mutually conflicting

It is believed that religion and science words clash in some circles. Religious words are incompatible with science due to some explanatory reasons leading to conflict. Religion focuses more on rituals and faith in the unknown. On the other hand, Science is based on proofs, observations, facts, verification, and experiments. 

Religion depends on dogma body, connection with strange forces, performing rituals, and faith. It also deals with explaining the universe’s existence without proof and facts. For this reason, despite Religion providing an interpretation of the universe in order, it is opposed to science due to lack of evidence. 

On the other hand, science outlooks the test, observation, and verification of the aspects of nature and the universe. In science, you only believe and study things that can be tested, verified, or observed by people. 

Science depends on various scientific techniques to study nature and does not consider the study of unknown or strange forces without proof. For this reason, science opposes religious fundamentalism and rituals with some fanaticism studied in Religion. 

When Religion focuses on the beliefs that are always expressed in the form of human actions, some of the studies on Religion are based on human practices which rely on strange forces called rituals. 

In Religion, when the ritual is practiced, people either have forgotten the belief or ignored it and fear attack from strange forces. This makes Religion full of study of ritualism, which forms the main aspect of Religion. Despite the Religion believing that the strange forces may launch attacks that puta believers at risk, science opposes the existence of the strange forces. For instance, ritualism may involve offering human sacrifice to appeal to strange or unknown forces. But science does not accept the sacrifice of humans or animals in its study. The fundamentalism and fanaticism used in Religion are also opposed in science. Because of all these contradictions, the science and religion words seem to clash. 

Science depends on the truth and the known world

In science, the study is based on the empirical world, while Religion is concerned with the unknown. This makes the boundary that exists between the known and unknown to be shifting. For instance, something which seemed to be unknown yesterday may be known. As for science, the origin of man could not be accounted for due to a lack of proof and evidence. 

However, Religion can account for the origin of the man filling in the gap. When science gathered enough proof and evidence on the origin of a man, they finally accounted for it. This is a clear example of an unknown fact that became known after giving satisfactory proof about the evolution of man. 

Science cannot fully oppose Religion

Some people believe that science is based on thoughts while Religion is based on emotion which is wrong. Both science and Religion are based on thoughts and will only differ regarding the explanation of reality. It is the disagreement between the explanations of the reality of the two words that makes them discuss.

However, a true religious believer and a scientist will never clash in any aspect of nature. The two people will always agree, like a universe, when there is a change. The science investigators agree that Religion focuses on human needs as its base.