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Relevant Fields and Values of CISM Certification

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CISM (certified information security manager) certification program, developed by ISACA, meets the needs of senior managers who take the responsibility of information security leadership, and provides access for information security practitioners to move forward to middle and senior management. At present, more than 10000 professionals in the world have passed CISM certification, and more than 200 people in China have obtained this certification. CISM is unique in the information security certification market because it is designed for people with experience in information security project management. Since its launch in 2002, CISM has become a globally recognized symbol of excellence in information security. Now more than 18000 professionals have obtained this certification. So what are the relevant fields and values of CISM certification? Next, SPOTO CISM training organization will introduce to you.

Certified information security manager (CISM)
Note: the management focused CISM certification aims to promote international security practices and to certify individuals who manage, design, supervise and evaluate enterprise information security.

Qualification requirements: more than five (5) years of information security management experience.

CISM certification field (%):
Field 1: Information Security Governance (24%)
Field 2: Information risk management and compliance (33%)
Field 3: Information security program development and management (25%)
Field 4: Information Security Incident Management (18%)

Number of questions : 200 questions, 4 hours

CISM certification value:
According to the British government’s 2014 Cyber Security Skills report, CISM is a certificate that companies value when they recruit.

CISA is a prerequisite for the Australian government’s iRAP certificate.

CISM is one of the highest paid IT professional certificates, according to the Foote Partners IT skills and certificates pay index (ITSCPI) published on April 1, 2015.
According to the 2015 work and compensation survey of certification magazine, CISM is the highest paid certificate.

According to the results of the Global Knowledge 2015 IT skills and compensation survey, CISM has become the second highest paid certificate for two consecutive years.

CISM is recognized by American National Standards Institute and classified into international standard ANSI / ISO / IEC17024.

CISM has been nominated by SC magazine “best professional certification” for four consecutive years.

Signal Australia takes CISM as a prerequisite for its information security registered assessor program.

In its information map “the road to a secure future — the road of information security profession”, Durry University encourages employees to obtain CISM certificate, which is the only certificate mentioned.

Global knowledge lists CISM as a network security certificate as one of the “eight emerging IT certificates in 2013”.

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