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Respectable Overnight Sampling for ‘Harry’ from NBCUniversal

Two Other Syndicated Daytime Starters -- 'T.D. Jakes' and 'Robert Irvine' -- Open with Soft Overnights

Keeping in mind that one day of household overnight data does not a hit or miss make, daily entertainment-themed “Harry” from NBCUniversal, hosted by Harry Connick, Jr., had the strongest start of the trio of yesterday’s first-run daytime starters. “Harry” averaged a 1.4 rating/4 share in households based on the 56 metered markets (primary telecasts only). The year-ago time period average (Sept. 2015) was a 1.1/ 3, which gives “Harry” an increase of 27 percent. The lead-in average was also a 1.4/ 4.

All averages are weighted.

“T.D. Jakes” from Tegna Media, which was test-run for four weeks in four weeks last summer, lagged at a 0.8/ 3 (based on 26 markets, primary telecasts only). Comparably, the lead-in average was a 1.3/ 4, which puts “T.D. Jakes” at a 38 percent disadvantage. The year-ago time period average was a 1.0/ 3.

Talker “Robert Irvine” from Tribune Studios, which replaced “Bill Cunningham” on The CW stations, opened the weakest of the three at a 0.6/ 2 in households (based on 56 markets). Although the lead-in was a 0.9/ 3, “Robert Irvine” actually matched the Sept. 2015 time period average.

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