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Review of KineMaster Pro App

When people think about editing their captured video, they usually use their default phone apps for video editing, which usually do the job. Still, if someone wants to try something extraordinary with their smartphones, they need to search for apps with a video editing specialty. And he will find plenty of apps in the play store, but not all of them are as good as KineMaster. KineMaster is a video editing app for android and IOS. There are several versions of the KineMaster app. One is KineMaster -Video Editor, Video Maker, which one is free to use for everyone. Another one is KineMaster Pro, which costs a monthly subscription charge of $4.99 and an annual subscription charge of $39.99.In terms of providing features, KineMaster Pro is far better considered to KineMaster, though 2 of them are from KineMaster Corporation. So, if one wants to use the extra features, he can go for KineMaster Pro. To download this KineMaster pro, one can visit One can download it from here by clicking one. This brilliant app has a lot of features that are original and also for pro-level use. So, some of these extraordinary features are given below:

1) 14k Resolution Video Editing:  It is pretty easy to edit videos by using a desktop or laptop with advanced video editing apps. Editing 4k videos are very easy using this software. But KineMaster pro added this feature so that the Kinemaster Pro app can also benefit smartphone users. But, once it was beyond imagination, on a cell phone, By using Kinemaster Pro, you could edit the ultra-resolution video on a cell phone.

2) Multilayer video editing: This app has some unique editing features, including multilayer video editing. It can add images, gifs, audios, animations, layers in the middle of the videos. One can’t commit such advanced work with some of the pc apps, which the KineMaster Pro smartphone version can quickly do.

3) 3D effects: 3D effects in videos can easily be added by KineMaster Pro. No need to record separate audios while one can record audios and add them through the same app. So it is one of those essential features added by KineMaster Corporation in their apps to help their users.

4) Chroma Key: This kind of feature is not comparable with other smartphone apps. And also, this kind of feature makes the difference between KineMaster pro and other apps. One can change the video background by using the Chroma key. It is truly a pro-level feature added by KineMaster. KineMaster uses a green screen to show things more professionally. Marvel Cinematic Universe has also used these features to edit their films more professionally. Having this kind of smart features in smartphone video editing apps is more than ordinary.

5) Ad-Free App: One will find ads in the KineMaster app. But there is no ad in KineMaster Pro as it is the paid version from KineMaster Corporation. It is an ad-free app.

6) Live Preview: KineMaster Pro has the feature of live preview, in which one can see his/her videos are getting perfectly edited or not. So it is a vital feature to edit videos smartly and efficiently. 

7) Watermark Free: As KineMaster Pro is a paid video editing app so, it does not contain any watermarks in which it says, edited from KineMaster. On the other hand, one can use his/her one designed logo as watermarks in the videos.

KineMaster Pro is an application for smartphone users, which Kinemaster Pro can use for professional purposes because its advanced features have created room for its users. People post many videos on different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Twitch, etc. And for such postings, they use KineMaster Pro to edit their videos. Social media users always find this problem that the video quality does not stay the same as they edit the videos. The videos get blurry. Thankfully KineMaster Pro has different features for editing videos for different social media apps. And for that reason, the video resolution also stays okay.