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Review: Self Storage Company in the UK

Sometimes one might find themselves at the worst levels of productivity. Perhaps, some of us might be procrastinating while others just might not be feeling too good. In all such times, it is wise to figure out what it is that’s bothering us. 

Studies suggest that a considerable majority of people cannot function well if they have a lot of clutter around. Fortunately, there are tons of self storage facilities in London that can aid us in this domain. You can also check out storage rogers Arkansas

Whether it is for decluttering or for homeowners looking for a place to store their belongings, self-storage units like STORED can be precisely what you need. Head over to SSO, and you can get access to a wide range of storage facilities and discounted offers as well.

The best thing about these self storage facilities in London is that they accommodate everyone from students looking to shift their items to homeowners and commercial business owners. 

Here is a review of one of our favorite self storage facilities, STORED, operating in London and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Self-storage Companies in UK

With about 1430 storage facilities present in the entirety of the UK, it is said that around 42.2 million square feet of space are used up. No wonder approximately 47% of the whole storage market of Europe is dominated by the storage facilities in London, such as STORED, and you can easily view all your options through SSO. 

There can be tons of reasons behind this huge rise of popularity in these self-storage units, but one major component would be the generally small size of homes. With less storage space available, it can be pretty restricting for individuals to keep track of their items.

The self-storage facilities can help provide people with space to stash away all their items without any hassle. The review below should guide you better on the best self-storage facility out there-STORED. 

STORED, Cost-effective and Efficient Storage Solution

There are tons of self-storage facilities out there, but we have derived from our research and trial that not every facility can be trusted to store your precious belongings. Keep on reading to get an extensive review of our chosen storage company, STORED.

STORED manages to stand out from the crowd because of the unique features of its customers. Unlike traditional storage units, STORED doesn’t require the users to carry out their packing or stashing of items. 

Instead, all the customers have to do is pick a booking slot, and a two man team will be at their doorstep at their chosen time to take all of the stuff away and store it in one of their secure storage facilities. 

The best part is that when STORED claims that they are providing complete services, they mean it. Other than local storage, they also offer international shipping services. 

Booking and Pickup Process

Starting with the first step, it was found that customers have to either get in touch with customer representatives through the website or by calling. Once done, they can pick a time slot of their choice. A team by STORED arrived at the location provided. 

This team consists of 2 skilled professionals who are well-versed in the dynamics of moving heavy belongings with ease. At this time, storage crates and packing material can also be rented by the client. 

Other than moving, it was noted that this team was willing to help the customers with the packing, labeling, and even provided supplies for the packing process. At the time of booking, an account is provided to the customers to access their portal, invoices, and booking details.

Storage Facilities

Once the process has been initiated, the removal team will be responsible for loading the items into their moving van and taking them to the storage facility. These storage facilities come with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors. 

Although, it is essential to note that these units will be off-limits for the customers. Instead, people can give the team at STORED a call and tell them what they need. At a designated time, the items will be delivered to their doorstep. 

This unique pickup and drop-off feature has proven to be quite a blessing as the hassle of navigating traffic, rush hour, and hauling the items can be tackled by professionals.

 This means all you as a customer would have to do is sit back and relax while the professionals do the grunt work. 

A portal is provided to each customer to view all the items they have stored in their units. 

Affordability and Options

With all other self storage facilities in London, there were two significant problems. Either the facility would not be affordable, or it would not be safe. With STORED, there is none of this hassle. 

Customers can get access to tons of particular ranges and make their search more accessible by using SSO. Moreover, while offering a complete package from pickup to packing, storing, and even returns, STORED has managed to set budget-friendly rates unlike other storage facilities in London. 

The packages offered by STORED are not just good for time-saving but are a great money saver as well. With stress on customization, different long and short-term packages are provided depending upon the customers’ needs. 

Whether you are a student shifting to/from college or a homeowner looking for extra space to declutter doesn’t matter. STORED has proven to be the best fix. 

There are units as small as 12 sq. feet and as big as 400 square feet to house your belongings. You can even get a larger customized unit by placing a request. 

Homeowners can store their furniture, and commercial business owners can stash away their excess inventory; students can keep a few belongings. These are just a few scenarios in which the services of STORED can be utilized. 

All in all, STORED has proven to be an efficient storage company providing a 360-degree solution to the customers. With sites like SSO, searching for the best storage units at affordable rates has been made even easier.