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RFD-TV Celebrates ‘FarmHER’ and ‘RanchHER’ Following Telly Award Wins

RFD-TV has announced that its shows “FarmHER” and “RanchHER” have been honored with Telly Awards, which honor excellence in video and television production. “FarmHER” is dedicated to showcasing the inspiring stories of women farmers across the country, and “RanchHER” highlights the lives of women in ranching. Both earned accolades for their outstanding production and compelling content. These awards celebrate excellence in video and television across all screens and reflect the dedication and talent of the teams behind these influential series.

“Winning a Telly Award is a proud moment for FarmHER and RanchHER,” said Raquel Gottsch Koehler, CEO of FarmHER and RanchHER. ” Our aim has always been to highlight the strength, resilience, and passion of women in agriculture, and this award validates our efforts to bring their stories to a broader audience. I am so proud of the entire team for their hard work and dedication. This award is for all of them.”

The Telly Awards, now in their 44th year, received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents this year. 

“It’s an incredible honor to be recognized with a Telly Award,” emphasized Katie Avant, RFD-TV’s Director of Original Content. “FarmHER” and “RanchHER are about more than just farming and ranching; it’s about the stories of the women who work tirelessly to feed and fuel our world.”

RFD-TV remains committed to delivering high-quality content that celebrates rural America, agriculture, and the Western lifestyle. The network congratulates the teams of FarmHER” and “RanchHER” on their Telly Awards and looks forward to continuing to share the powerful stories of women in agriculture and ranching.


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