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Robots from Mobot – Get Affirmation for App Development with Ease in 2023!

Robots And App Development Affirmation in 2023 From Mobot!

From an industry POV, Mobot is a term used for mobile autonomous vehicles that can be used either for practical purposes or as a toy.

However, this article will discuss Mobot – the company that has crossed barriers between the traditional app and robot testing!

What is Mobot?

Mobot is a robot and mobile application testing company. It has revolutionized the way testing is done in the industry. The company has achieved recognition in the industry, and various mobile app development company and big brands, such as KOHO, Persona, Sandbox, Jolt, etc., prefer them for app testing.

Ideally, while testing a mobile application, there are primarily three variables which are:

  • XCUI
  • Espresso
  • UI Automator

However, in the case of Mobot, there is a 4th variable too. They use robots for conducting in-depth physical testing. Right now, their robots can test apps on over 200 smartphone devices. Adding to it, this testing is conducted under the supervision of humans, making sure the robots perform three critical tasks which are:

  • Automate business-critical scenarios
  • Gather results
  • Integrate into the release process

How Mobot is Different from Conventional Testing?

Mobot testing methods are better than conventional practices for a couple of reasons.

Let’s have a look at them…

  • Physical Devices: Instead of conducting tests on emulators that have limitations, Mobot utilizes real physical devices. It provides a natural ecosystem for the application and provides organic & real-life test results. Mobot robots toggle between phones, whether an Android or an iOS test, without the limitations of an emulator.
  • Less Noise: The problem with crowdsourcing is that they have too much work to do. With testing, an industry is always on its toes, making the data often misaligned. On the other hand, Mobot provides robots that are the epitome of speed, accuracy, and automation. With a dedicated success manager, not only the data produced by the robots is accurate, but it also undergoes a human operator that ensures no misaligned data passes through.
  • No Manual Error: Conventional testing from a conventional firm is bound to produce manual errors. It is because humans are meant for intellectual and creative tasks. With manual, repetitive tasks, the human mind is bound to induce errors, especially when there is an overload of work from everywhere. On the other hand, robots from mobots produce results verified by a human. Adding to it, the results are real-time and without any manual error.

Features of Mobot

Mobot offers a range of great services that ensure that the customer is in full control of the process and provide accuracy and efficiency to help them ease out the task.

Below, we have provided data because of which Mobot is capable of delivering exceptional service.

These features are:

  • Ease of Adding Use Cases: In conventional settings, adding a use case to be tested can be an exhaustive process. However, with Mobot, this is not the case. The service allows quick addition of the use case too, without any coding. This is not a work of hours. Instead, it just takes a few minutes. The user must only choose the device the OS version, and provide relevant data to the customer success manager. 
  • Side by Side Reports: The reason behind testing a particular app on multiple devices is to ensure the capability of an app isn’t bogged down because of different resolutions, hardware, and multiple other factors. Robots of Mobot provides a side-by-side report of their app testing for the users. This is done by capturing data or screenshots at every step. This ensures a side-by-side comparison of your application and the capability to assess its effectiveness on multiple devices.
  • Human Intervention: Mobot stands out and deserves an article for itself because of its revolutionary ways of app testing. Having robots to do all the manual work isn’t a novel idea. However, when it comes to app testing, it is pretty novel in its way and can pave its path. Yet, today, we rely on Weak AI. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to have some level of human intervention. This is where Mobot provides a dedicated CSM (customer success manager) that keeps a check if the data is getting skewed.
  • Real Testing: Mobot has a fleet of robots that make sure no aspect of an app remains unattended. However, this is not done via running programs via a capable developer’s mode or any other way. It is done as it should be done by tapping, touching, swiping, rotating, etc. This provides real data that any entrepreneur behind an app requires.
  • Testing via Bluetooth: Currently, the applications are made for smartphones, smartwatches, and other third-party smart devices. So, in most cases, an application requires an active Bluetooth connection between the app and the device to ensure that the app works perfectly fine with the connection “ON.”
  • Inclusion of AI: When it comes to testing a mobile app, consistency is everything. This is why the proprietary platform behind Mobot utilizes both computer vision and AI to ensure that the process is in the right direction.

How Mobot Works? – Affirmation for Mobile App Development

Below are the steps to follow to get your app tested via Mobot. Let’s see them:

Step 1: Record a Test Video

This step is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require coding or writing test plans. Simply record a video of the test that you wish to run. It makes the process of submitting your process super easy.

Step 2: Customize Yourself

Mobot is a self-serve testing platform. It means that it allows the user to conduct their tests by themselves via their test plan tool. After uploading test videos, the user can specify how they want their test to be conducted. This includes OS versions, specific devices, or any other specific operating system.

Step 3: Test Plan Conversion

Mobot will take the test plan provided by you and convert it into an understandable format via their robots. This makes for a process articulated by you and executed by Mobot.

Step 4: Initiate Robot Testing

Once the previous step is completed, Mobot lets the robots do their work of testing the apps. The robots and their testing start aggregating records, data, and reports. Each of these things happens within the Mobot platform.

Once the above four steps are complete, Mobot provides the test results of the testing. It lets the user compare the results with the baseline and provide a pass or fail status and bug notes to help you cover up all issues. 

Final Words!

Mobot has allowed mobile app development agency developers across the globe to get their apps tested professionally in a fast-paced environment. With robots of Mobot, the customer gets their desired service and all the comfort of their location. Mobot is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) that has pioneered mobile testing via robots. It is an exceptional way to unwind the imperfections to create a perfect service.