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Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin’s Feud is Far From Being Over

We are only a few weeks away from the WWE TLC 2019 PPV. And, we are already getting hints from the ongoing WWE storylines about the matches which would be featured in the PPV. While fans and experts are speculating for a rematch between Daniel Bryan and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the WWE Universal Championship, a much more interesting feud which has been brewing for quite some time now. Roman Reigns might be facing Baron Corbin at TLC 2019.

As we have seen in the recent SmackDown results, Roman has been enjoying quite a time even though the Big Dog doesn’t have a championship belt. And Baron was the winner of the King of the Ring this year. WWE fans can’t wait to see them face each other at TLC 2019.

We have been looking at the feud between Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin developing for quite some time now and as it appears it’s far from being over. There were rumors about the duo facing each other at Survivor Series. But when that dream went down the drain, fans and experts are almost sure that they will face each other at the upcoming WWE TLC PPV.

At the 2019 WWE Draft, Baron was drafted to SmackDown. As soon as Baron made his first appearance at SmackDown, targeting Roman Reigns in order to establish supremacy, became his sole mission.

The 2019 King of the Ring winner picked on Roman several times trying to make fun of him in several of his in-ring promos. He even went on to tease an appearance from Reigns to the audience, before bringing out a man dressed in a “Big Dog” outfit instead, trying to make a sarcastic comment on Reign’s nickname.

On the other side of events, Reigns has emerged a hero winning it for Team SmackDown in the five-on-five-on-five men’s elimination match at Survivor Series. Corbin who also was a part of Team SmackDown was eliminated by Tommaso Ciampa.

The fight between Roman and Baron at the TLC 2019 PPV is going to be conclusive to their feud hopefully. All will be revealed very soon as the match sheet for TLC is officially announced.