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Royal Velvet Punch Drink “Pornstar Martini Cocktail Recipe”

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The Porn star Martini Cocktail Recipe is a very delicious, soothing drink made up of a fruit having a thick pulp inside containing seeds, it is commonly termed as passion fruit. The pulp of the fruit is used for many purposes like decorating the cakes by keeping them as toppings. It is made from vanilla palate alcohol vodka and lemon juice and served in a cocktail glass. This is a very famous drink in the UK. For more delicious homemade cocktails, visit

What is the History?

This cocktail is created by Douglas Ankrah in 2002. He creates this drink with some unique contents that make them sweet but sour which is a very interesting part about it. He was the owner of a popular London bar. The name looks controversial as ‘Porn Star” but Ankrah Claimed in an interview that the name used is very confident ad stylish in every way. In 2019, Marks and Spencer, a British retailer renamed the drink Passion Star Martini.

Why is this cocktail named Pornstar Martini Cocktail?

This is so because it looks very shapely, seductive, tempting, vivid in all ways so that a person loves to drink it. Also, this drink prior named Maverick Martini but Douglas Ankrah, creator of the drink since 2002 changed the name. He figured out that this cocktail seems as it is having by the pornstars. Also, he felt this drink is stylish and confident. Although there were many controversial names I think no one has any problem related to this as some call it Passionfruit martini or maverick martini drink.

Difference between Cocktail and Martini- 

Martini is a remarkable drink and their taste differs from people to people. If we talk about basic martini, then it is gin mixed with vermouth. Sometimes in the classical martini there is a third ingredients also present that is orange bitters whereas Cocktail is a mixture of spirit, sweet, bitter and water.

What ingredients are there?

  • The most important element in it is vanilla taste vodka the basic one. Also, the vanilla syrup can be used.
  • Passion fruit puree like Passoa to make it sweet.
  • Lemon juice to balance the sweetness.
  • Buckshot of Champagne that would present on the side of it.

Utensils used- Cocktail jug, Shaker, Hawthorne strainer, Glass martini

How to make it?

  1. Ice cool- Chilled the cocktail glass by keeping them in the refrigerator.
  2. Juice Removal- Cut out the passion fruit in small pieces and withdraw the seeds from it and put it in the shaker to get the paste out of it. One can also take out the pulp and shake it directly, it depends on choices mood also time conditions.
  3. Keep it swing for a few seconds- Add the shaker with the vanilla vodka equipped with passion fruit Passoa, some sugar for a little bit of sweetness. Also, to cut down the sweetness add some lime juice. Don’t forget to put some ice cubes, it’s very necessary to build the chillness in the cocktail drink at the time of serving to the people.
  4. Taste it- After all the process of extracting, mixing, shaking please have a taste to adjust the sweetness or sourness.
  5. Platter organization- This is the cool step one has to impress people with their creativity. Put the cocktail drink in a glass that was put in the refrigerator for chilling and adjoin some slices of Passoa. Keep the shots of Champagne or Prosecco together on the side of it.

Have fun by scrolling the Instagram feeds, WhatsApp chats, and gossips with one another, by clicking the beautiful and sexy pictures with a drink in one hand and keep smiling.

Drinking ideas!

One has to know about the manners and ideas about how to take or sip the ready-to-serve photogenic drink. So, firstly one has to remove the passion fruit from it and eat it. At the same time sip the side drink on the table for your joy and fun. However, most people pour the Prosecco into the Martini and then drink it. But trust me this is not the right way to have it. Next time be confident, keep some steps in mind and enjoy the drink with your family and friends.

Alternatives for the Pornstar Martini Cocktail Recipe?

  • Cherry Julep
  • Bramble Cocktail
  • Classic Singapore Sling
  • Passionfruit Caipirinha

The Perfect quantity of the ingredients

Flavored vanilla vodka- 100ml, Passion fruit- 2 tablespoons of Passoa, Fresh fruit- 3 Lime juice- 1and half tablespoon, Sugar- Half tablespoon, 1 bottle of Prosecco or Champagne.

Nutritional value

Na2+ = 69 grams, Ca+= 25grams, K2+= 775grams Fat= 1gram, Starch= 65grams, Cal= 345cal, Protein= 5grams, Fe2+= 3.8 gram, Citric Acid= 65 gram, Vitami A = 234mg

If one loves the passion fruit then he/she should try recipes relate to it – Passion fruit Jam, Cake.

Alcohol Content in Pornstar Martini Cocktail Recipe

It contains approximately 27.2grams of concentrated alcohol is 16.5% alcohol/volume.

Why does everyone love it?

  • Less time-consuming in terms of preparation.
  • Homemade recipes were also available.
  • Complimentary taste.
  • Cost-effective drink.
  • Best for summers, parties
  • 100% vegetarian

Instructions for Use- 

If you are using the fresh or smooth Passionfruit, then it might not too sweet so it is advisable first to keep it or store it for a few couples of days to make it crack or wrinkle skin because the wrinkle one sweeter than a smooth one. It makes the process simple and less time-consuming. You can directly put the pulp into the shaker no need to do the long process of extraction. But the thing is one has to double shake it.

One can also replace the raw Passionfruit recipe with readymade puree available in the stores nowadays. The main drawback is it comes in a big container so it should be used quickly because it might get damaged the drink. Also, store one is very sweet because of the preservatives present in them. So, one need to taste the drink before serving to check the sweetness balance in it.

For vanilla vodka, one can make the simple vanilla syrup but it should be kept in mind that the flavor of vanilla is very strong. Need not to add too much.