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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi | Payment Plan 2023 | Location | Map | Noc

In Rawalpindi, the Rudn Enclave is a typical microcosm of elegance and style close to Islamabad. It is the main gemstone in Rawalpindi and was designed to provide peaceful and enchanting life. Making a bet on this gem will allow you to enjoy the rewards of a lifetime. Rudn Enclave can be described as a stunningly contemporary housing scheme located in Rawalpindi that aims to offer affordable homes for all classes and incomes. Its prime location and top-quality infrastructure make it an excellent investment for 2022.

This megaproject that has modern facilities and a well-equipped infrastructure is designed to set new standards in the field of real estate. It is a modernist community that has all the amenities needed for living.

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Proprietors and Architects

Rudn Enclave is a well-known project near Rawalpindi by RMRSCO (Pvt.) Ltd and National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd or NESPAK. The slogan of Rudn Enclave architects is “we are creating a dream and not just constructing houses.” The CEO of the company, Rahim Udin Naeem’s only aim is to build an unbeatable service for customer-focused and architectural projects.

RMRSCO (Pvt.) Limited

Rudn Enclave is mutually growing thanks to RMRSCO (Pvt). Ltd. and NESPAK. NESPAK’s CEO Rahim Naeem Udin has the greatest incentive for people to provide a comfortable living quality to residents.

In a recent meeting, NESPAK, a renowned development company, joined forces as the additional architects and has accepted the role of joint architects for Rudn Enclave. This collaboration will prove very beneficial to the speedy progress of the housing development. Therefore, we conclude that Rudn Enclave is the next hub that will yield huge profits.

Focusing on national and global construction standards by utilizing the extremely skilled and experienced team of designers, Rudn Enclave has endeavored to offer international amenities and skills that haven’t been seen in Pakistan until now. We can safely conclude that Rudn Enclave will soon be able to enjoy that platinum period of pivoting into a dazzling return.

In the construction of Rudn Enclave, the developers have taken advantage of all the advanced urban planning practices used around the globe. The developers are well-known on the market for their dedication when it comes to ensuring high standards for quality living. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of construction-related services like engineering, development, design and city planning operations, maintenance, and more, with a focus on the quality of the work completed. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. has maintained the luxury of life in Islamabad and is committed to providing the best quality of living. 

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Rudn Enclave NOC

Rudn Enclave’s developers have already applied for an appropriate NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). In the early stages, the reaction of investors is overwhelming. The society expects to receive a NOC from the RDA over the course of the next couple of months. The NOC permit can take a long time as it requires the approval of a variety of permits, which could include water, electricity, gas, and transfers of land. Each of them can be requested by the respective departments. This means that the entire process could take several months.

Rudn Enclave Islamabad Location

It is situated on the prime spot on Adiala Road Rawalpindi and closer to the M2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway and the newly constructed Islamabad International Airport. Rudn Enclave is a great investment opportunity for all. The main location of the Rudn Enclave society is that it is closest to the top areas, which are Islamabad and Rawalpindi, National Highway Saddar Rawalpindi, and Rawat.

Access to Rudn Enclave 

  • Approx. 20 minutes drive from the Rawat-Chakbeli road 
  • 20 minutes away from Chakri toll Plaza on the M2 motorway
  • About 10 minutes drive from Bahria Town Phase 8
  • 30 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport
  • 20 minutes driving time from Sadar and Rawalpindi
  • 20 minutes drive from N5 
  • 15 minutes away from Dhamial Air-Base

Rudn Enclave Islamabad Layout Plan

RMRSCO Pvt. company is the largest owner and creator of this housing association. Management has entered into an unprecedented dialogue over the course of two years within Nespak.

NESPAK has made sure to give all the necessary advice and support that is essential. The vast experience gained over the years in the creation of prominent real estate projects that include different properties makes them distinct in their ability to provide value to clients. The company claims to be capable of constructing greater than 14,000 projects.

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Rudn Enclave Payment Plan

Rudn Enclave now has an ideal opportunity to provide investors with commercial and residential plots that can be paid for in a reasonable plan. The rising cost of real estate in Pakistan has impacted those with a lower income who want to own their own house or commercial property. Rudn Enclave’s investment isn’t only viable but also offers a fantastic chance to enjoy modern amenities at a very affordable cost.

The most appealing aspect of Rudn Enclave investment is that you can easily reserve your dream property with a minimum amount of advance and simple monthly installments.

Rudn Enclave Facilities

In front of the Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension, Rude Enclave is located on Adiyala Road encompassed by two Dams. The Rude Enclave covers 15000 square meters of land. It offers 24/7 security, colleges, commercial areas, schools, eateries, bakeries, stores, and refreshment centers as well as salons, clinics, gasoline pumps, and CNG stations. Adyala road can be used for day-to-day travel.

The new size of the plot, 14 Marla residential, is made available. The total cost of 14 Marla plots is around PKR 3,000,000 (cost of the land), which has a reservation cost of 20 percent, which amounts to roughly PKR 700,000. Additionally 10 percent of the total cost, which is PKR 350,000 is to be paid upon the date of taking possession.

Executive Block Commercial Plots

Investors must be knowledgeable about investment options that provide higher cash flow since the commercial property is more profitable. Commercial property investments provide you with higher revenue growth, a steady and stable source of income, and the ability to increase your asset, which no other investment can guarantee.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi offers commercial properties of 4 and 8 Marla within the Executive Block. With a down amount of 20 percent of the total, Rudn Enclave Islamabad is the only housing association in Pakistan to meet its customer’s desire to own residential and commercial land in the heart of the Twin Cities.

H Block Residential Plots

With just 20% of the total cost, it is possible to purchase the 5 Marla residential plots in the H-Block of Rudn Enclave. In order to give more flexibility to investors, the management has made its payment plan with monthly installments, allowing them to purchase their dream home in a peaceful, simple, and cost-effective manner. 

Rudn Enclave’s Block H offers the perfect deal for buyers and anyone who would like an unhurried life in the historic and thriving community of Rawalpindi. The H-Block offers a variety of amenities and is very popular among our investors, particularly those who are tight on their budget.

Executive Block Residential Plots

As the number of housing societies in the Twin Cities keeps increasing, customers are also searching for bigger living spaces. Therefore, when most of the commercial and residential developments haven’t been able to offer greater living spaces and commercial activities in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, Rudn Enclave opens the possibility for owners to purchase larger properties. 

With the available 7,10 as well as 20 marla plots within the Executive Block and the down payment of just 20% followed by 48 monthly installments, the society will give you the ideal residential property. You must submit 10 percent of the cost at the time of taking possession of the plot within the block. Executive Block allows you to live the standards you prefer with a variety of amenities as well as solutions and luxury which you’ve never seen before.

Rudn Enclave Farm Houses

Covid-19 has drastically changed how people see their homes. The focus now will be on air quality and adapting to changing their lifestyles and routines, family connections as well as working in the comfort of their homes.  

Due to the hustle and bustle of these urban areas, people are now investing in farmhouses and weekend homes within the region, which allow them to lead unhurried and peaceful life. The experience of living in a farmhouse gives the feeling of comfort and security because of the closeness to nature and a sense of belonging.

For those looking for peace and quiet to experience the most memorable moments of the rest of their life, Rudn Enclave lets them enjoy these experiences in total solitude from the chaos of the city. The option of a farmhouse offered by Rudn Enclave is available to all. Rudn Enclave farmhouse is available in sizes 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal.

General Block Commercial Plots

Real estate, for commercial purposes, definitely is a great investment that can yield substantial yields. This kind is a good investment choice for many investors, even in times of financial uncertainty. Those who are determined to address the issue of inflation so that it doesn’t affect their financial situation for the rest of their lives should invest in commercial properties to avoid the effects of inflation. By committing to commercial real estate, it is possible to have the greatest feeling of owning an asset that one can be able to see and feel. Additionally, commercial properties have always had the edge over residential in terms of economic value.

Rudn Enclave plot can be booked with just a 15% down payment. The society offers 4 as well as 8 Marla commercial plots at incredibly low prices. This deal is top among other housing societies within the Twin Cities of Pakistan and improves the standard of living of the investors by increasing earnings possibilities. By investing in Rudn Enclave’s General Block Commercial, one is guaranteed to receive an excellent return on investment as well as opening the way towards financial prosperity.

The Booking Procedure

The following documents are required in order to reserve an area in Rudn Enclave:

  • Copy of buyer’s National ID Card (01)
  • A copy of the National ID Card of buyer Kinsman (01)
  • Passport photo (02)
  • Payment for booking (Cheque or pay order/Cash)