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Rules for Uploading Links on F95 Zone

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F95 Zone has one of the largest collections of adult games and artwork. However, all these games and most of the artwork are posted as links which lead to other websites that have the actual content. To ensure that these links are authentic, the moderators have laid out some rules that each user has to follow. 

This makes sure that the links provided to the users are authentic and does not contain anything malicious that might harm other users’ devices. Here are the rules you should go through before posting any links on the f95zone website.

  1. Links containing promotional content or links to promotional websites such as Adfly must not be posted. Uploading of referral links is prohibited as well. Only links that are relevant to any kind of content can be posted. 
  2. No links should be posted that contains any kind of malicious software such as Adware, Malware, Trojans, and Viruses. 
  3. Only links from the f95 zone’s list of Approved File Hosts should be shared. Here are all the approved hosts you can share links from: 

Anonfile – File size up to 20GB

DMCA.Gripe – File size up to 1GB

DropMeFiles – File size up to 50GB

Filedropper – File size up to 100MB

FileMail – File size up to 50GB

FilesFm – File size up to 5GB

Filesupload – File size up to 100GB 

FreeFr – File size up to 10GB

Gofile – File size up to 30GB

Google Drive – File size up to 15GB

Letsupload – File size up to 11GB

MediaFire – File size up to 10GB

Mega – File size up to 15GB

Nopy – Invite only

Pixeldrain – File size up to 5GB

Racaty – File size up to 10GB 

SendGB – File size up to 5GB

Terminal – Invite only – File size up to 1GB

Up2Share – File size up to 5GB

Uploadhaven – File size up to 50GB

WeTransfer – File size up to 2GB

WorkUpload – File size up to 2GB

YourFileStore – File size up to 500MB

Zippyshare – File size up to 500MB

ZzZz – File size up to 4GB

You can share torrents as well given that you provide at least three links from the aforementioned hosts.

  1. The links must not have any password or contain password-protected content.
  2. If you want to share links in your posts, you must share at least three normal posts without any links. This is a requirement even if you want to personally message another profile a link. The three-post rule ensures that people do not make profiles just to spam or post promotional content and ads.
  3. While uploading a link in forums like Adult Games or Comics and Stills, you must follow certain uploading rules. These rules are available under the sticky threads section of these forums. As the moderators need to approve such posts containing multiple links before posting them under the actual forum, it is advised to follow the uploading rules as closely as you can for better chances of approval.

These rules help keep the f95 zone website free from promotions and malware, making it a safe place to share your interests and opinions.