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SaaS UX Design Challenges in 2023

SaaS products are becoming more popular these days. Because it provides a convenient and secure way of software. However, this creates new problems for the simple use of the product.

How can you create an intuitive interface? What are the most important UX factors? And how do you design an excellent user experience? We’ll cover these questions in this article.

What are the most important things in SaaS interfaces?

Nowadays, user experience plays a crucial role for users. Hard-to-use products lead to users’ frustration and loss. The recent Lemlist (email automatization tool) redesign is a great example of this. So two basics of a great SaaS app:


It is how easily users achieve their goals using your product. A high level of usability is when users complete their tasks easily and without hard effort, even if they use the product for the first time.

User Experience (UX)

UX shows how easy the product is to daily use, and how much effort users need to complete their needs. The goal is always to improve customer satisfaction while reducing user loss.

Creating a great SaaS product in 2023 requires an understanding of the main challenges of UX. Here are the most important UX issues users might face:

Balancing simplicity and functionality

You need to achieve a balance between simplicity and high functionality. On the one hand, users want to start working with the product without a lot of education. On the other hand, SaaS apps need to offer different features including complex solutions to lead in the market.

The solution is user experience (UX). We need to focus on creating easy-to-navigate interfaces with accessing users to all of the functionality.

Maintaining consistency across platforms

Users use products on desktop, mobile, and the web. Keeping consistency across all these platforms can be a challenge.

Responsive and adaptive interfaces are the solution to keep users engaged with the product. Agencies like Uitop manage this by using design systems that make sure all design decisions are consistent and follow guidelines.

Figma and Miro are tools that you can use easily on any device you have. It helps users be more adaptive to situations like emergency need to add changes.


Introducing users to the product and pointing out the main features is very important for their retention. It’s difficult to make an onboarding process efficient and engaging at the same time. Especially when we need to balance the need for in-depth education with a desire for a streamlined user experience.

Asana and Slack are great examples of onboarding that not only show product features but also interact with users.

Dealing with data overload

SaaS providers will face the challenge of presenting data, especially Big Data products. A volume of unclear data can be confusing for users and lead to frustration and loss.

Information architecture is a clue to clear and concise interfaces. Also, it provides more details and insights for users and as a result, increases the efficiency of product use. It includes using data visualization: charts and graphs, to help users make sense of complex data sets.

Tableau and Google Analytics are leading products in complex data visualization that allows users to translate their databases into intuitive and attractive infographics.

Adapting to new technologies

Technology changes so fast now, so we need to adapt to this and update product functionality. That may include voice and gesture recognition or new platforms and devices. That’s why while designing a SaaS interface, we should keep in mind scalability.

Scalability requires research and testing by users and developers. You must work together to make sure new technologies are integrated well.

Salesforce and Zoom constantly integrate new features into their product to increase user satisfaction and efficiency.

Integration with other tools

Many SaaS products integrate with other tools or services it helping users be more productive and organized. Adding such features may become challenging, but as a result, it provides a huge competitive advantage for organizations and wins users’ hearts.

Zapier and HubSpot have integration with different other platforms and services that help users to share their data through systems without putting much energy.

We need to keep in mind that a lot of different factors affect your product. But finally, if you focus on your users, your product will be a market leader. So you need to pay attention to these UX challenges that we discuss in this article to deliver an exceptional product for your users.