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Safety and Committing Financial Assets Online

The world of e-investments is still an unknown territory for many. We’re all raised with the trust and dependence on the traditional banking industry to carry out most of our financial savings and transactions. But thanks to the advent of new, sophisticated technology, the world of finance, just like a lot of other brick and mortar industries, is shifting to a new home – strictly online investments.

But thanks to the novelty, there are still a lot of people who are highly skeptical about the venture. And one of the things they’re most scared about is security. And the recent cases of data and trust breaches by high profile giant companies don’t help.

Which begs the question, exactly how safe is the world of e-investments for me and my funds? This is what we attempt to take a quick look at in this post. Our aim, mind you, is not to give an in-depth investment guide. It is not even to give an investment guide at all. It is merely to provide seasoned commentary on the underlying infrastructure, and security, of online assets.

Online Assets Security – The Technology

The technology that goes into online payments and fund security is a rather sophisticated, and dare we say, strong one. Most tech companies in this area employ really strong policies and infrastructures in maintaining the integrity of the system.
Ranging from TLS/ SSL: the secure socket layer, a basic yet highly effective technology which encrypts communication between users and servers, and blocks third-party interference, to PCI Security standards: a protocol that oversees data regulation in cardholder data, and Tokenization technology: i.e the conversion of actual card details into tokens, it is safe to say the underlying principle behind these technologies are solid enough.

A Few Assets to Consider

There are lots of ways financial assets can be obtained and managed on the internet. Listed below are some of these methods and their security. Note that traditional online banking has been excluded for an obvious reason – they are still traditional.

1. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies boast of having one of the best security technology ever invented: the Blockchain technology, which is a way of saving important data without the presence of a centralized third party. Blockchain technology is as safe as it comes, but the extra security is needed still on each user’s part.

2. Betting Sites

All betting sites in India and all over the world also make use of the TSL security and tokenization, and of course adherence to different regulatory bodies to ensure safety and security.

Caveat and Conclusion

Online assets, despite how it may appear to new users, are quite safe, and may even be safer than traditional forms. But, it is always important to understand, both sides are subjected to malicious attacks, and security practices on both ends need to be taken seriously, not only on the technology’s side but also on the part of the user.