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Samsung Biologics Expands with S-CHOice for Cell Line Speed and Viability

Samsung Biologics is one of the fastest growing CDMOs in the biopharmaceutical industry. The company has shown remarkable resilience, growing in a downturned economy and heavily impacted market. The announcement to launch its new cell line technology has been another achievement for Samsung Biologics in its list of expansions.

The proprietary cell line technology announced by Samsung Biologics is S-CHOice. This will build on glutamine synthase (GS) knock-out Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line technology for improved effectiveness in establishing high-quality cell lines. The value of S-CHOice comes with high productivity close to twice of the average titer in the industry and enhanced cell viability of over 90% through day 21 in a fed-batch environment. The speedy 18-to-20-hour cell division and the Berkeley Lights Beacon® technology are additional benefits, allowing Samsung Biologics to provide a shorter development timeline by a month from the industry average of four to five months.

This allows for fully automated live cell isolation, screening, and selection for the best cell options over the growth period. The automated monoclonality process has a visual record of more than 99%. This, in turn, allows for large-scale, cost-effective cell lines of mammalian host cells for developing the most optimized biologic processes and medical solutions. Samsung Biologics’ S-CHOice provides clients with an array of flexible options to produce productive cell line development more feasible.

“We are extremely proud to announce the official launch of our own proprietary cell line, S-CHOice,” said founding CEO Tae Han Kim. “With this advanced, high-performance technology, we can now offer our CDO clients even more promising options in bringing their molecule faster and better to the market and ensure world-class client satisfaction during this continuously evolving global climate.”

With such a fast-changing market dynamics and unpredictable global environment, Samsung Biologics has placed a strong emphasis on a diversity and flexibility of services. The company has found notable success by offering a wide range of services so clients can reduce their time and costs throughout the drug lifecycle. The convenient one-stop-shop approach to biopharmaceutical CDMO provides a more streamlined development, production and testing process for biotech companies in this industry.

Samsung Biologics continues to offer services that ensure a faster and cost- competitive process for clients without sacrificing quality. The company prides itself on top services and product results with a proven track record. Despite an unstable economy and market amid COVID-19 pandemic, the company has continued to make moves towards growth and innovative progress. They have worked to save their clients time and money in the process, creating the largest on-site capacity and fastest throughput currently available for CDMO. Successful launch of S-CHOice moves Samsung Biologics forward as the company looks for new technologies and services that will benefit their CDO clients.