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Saudi Driver Dania Akeel Says She Is All Set For Dakar Rally 2024

The Dakar Rally is an exceptionally difficult expedition. The prospect of tearing through a rough, dry terrain is unsettling even for some professionals. This, however, is not the case with Saudi driver Dania Akeel. In a recent interview, the renowned driver said that she was ready to dominate the just concluded season of the competition. Her unrivaled bravery made an important contribution to the sport, which many people love for a variety of reasons, including online rally betting for real money. 

Training Hard To Dominate Races

The 46th edition of the Dakar Rally began on January 5, 2024, and ended on January 19. Although exciting, it did not provide Dania Akeel with the satisfying ending she was hoping for. Before it all began, the decorated Saudi driver revealed that she had gone above and beyond to prepare for the race and was determined to win. Shortly before the race, Akeel disclosed that she had spent time in Austria preparing for the race, where she identified her weaknesses and obtained a viable strategy to improve her physical and mental fortitude. The female driver mentioned that she had prepared with people who supported her, which greatly improved her training experience. Even better, the woman of steel had acquired sponsorship from famous organizations such as Red Bull and the Athlete Performance Center. The two, in particular, pushed her to her limits, so she felt fit enough to compete in the 2024 Dakar Rally.

Upgrading To The Auto Game

In previous races, Akeel chose the T3 vehicle. She became the first Arab woman to win the 2022 World Cup at the T3 Desert Baja Rally in Italy. In her opinion, the T3 was a fantastic vehicle that provided a terrific learning experience. However, in 2024, the motorsports athlete chose to replace the T3 with a car that better met her needs. During the interview, she explained, “I’ve recently switched to a car that has a sequential gearbox, and that means that you are constantly shifting during the stage, and this was a skill I wanted to add to my skill set because the bigger classes like T1 and the main category of the event, all of those cars have a sequential gearbox and I wanted to pick up the skill in the T3 category with the lightweight prototypes.”

Akeel has firsthand knowledge of the new car, having tested it at the Rally Du Maroc and finding it to be satisfactory. She liked the new automobile, stating that it was good to have a new layer on which the driver could constantly shift gears up and down, providing more feel and stimulation.

Doing It The Akeel Way

Although Akeel failed in the 2024 edition, her battling spirit, skill, and eagerness to learn are unrivaled. From her perspective, the Athlete Performance Center is a personalized training facility capable of transforming individuals into professional contestants. During her training, she noticed that the center handles each individual uniquely, which contributes considerably to their physical, psychological, and social success. Akeel is pleased to have trained at the APC since she received comprehensive training that enabled her to reach her optimum performance and sustain it even when wounded. The Arabian driver says she needed the training because she is a cross-country driver and wants to increase her endurance to survive longer in the 2024 battle. She holds the belief that anyone, regardless of age, can become a student if they so choose, as it facilitates the acquisition of new interests, abilities, and pursuits.

The Steady Rise of Online Rally Betting

For betting fans, the Dakar Rally 2024 was not only a show to watch but also a lucrative chance to place wagers. When such events occur, it is fascinating to observe professional rally contestants such as Akeel face hurdles and conquer seemingly impossible obstacles on the rocky terrain. Even better, they allow you to place different kinds of bets on various outcomes, such as predicting who will win a lap or the entire race. The rise of major rallies and other sporting events has coincided in recent years with the development of online betting platforms. These have provided sports enthusiasts with an alternative way to enjoy the game and make money from it.   


Dania Akeel has proven her mettle in rally events, and she hopes to do so again this year through intensive training. She did well in preparing for the just-finished Dakar Rally 2024 despite missing her aim for this edition. Nonetheless, the rally provided a learning experience, and it will be exciting to see her come back.