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Saumitra Pandey of SalesDuo: How To Utilize AI To Better Support Your Marketing Strategy 

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With so many factors at play, it may become more and more challenging for retailers to improve their consumer-facing tactics while still keeping up with the fierce competition. Here, the emergence of cutting-edge technologies—particularly artificial intelligence (AI)—has given merchants several options to automate jobs completely. 

Retailers are gaining a deeper understanding of consumer behavior from AI, providing them with precise, real-time predictions and recommendations for sales and marketing strategies. This allows them to increase consumer engagement significantly while also unlocking revenue across various touchpoints. 

Retailers may guarantee that they stay at the top of customers’ minds and appear in their shopping carts by utilizing AI as a proactive strategy. With this, the brand remains relevant and fulfills expectations through tailored experiences, increasing sales both before and after more extended sales periods. 

Here are a few ways where artificial intelligence may support retailers’ initiatives. 

Ensure Uniformity Across Channels

Retailers must thoroughly understand the consumer experience across devices to guarantee brand consistency across all channels, including online and offline ones. They may do this by putting customer journey simulators into practice, allowing staff members to learn about the complete buying process from the consumer’s viewpoint. It also ensures that all channels and payment methods are uniform and easy to use.

Emphasize Individualized, Pertinent, & Interesting Content

All brand communication revolves around content, but how, when, where, and why it is given is also important. While each business may take a different approach to content, it must nonetheless change with the times and trends, be genuine, and be customized for clients based on their tastes and numerous demographic criteria. Brands may use this to guarantee that the appropriate client group is targeted with information, offerings, and products that are pertinent to them.

Retailers should provide material that connects with customers on several levels in addition to their websites to capture a substantial portion of consumer mindshare and guarantee that they are engaged with the brand.

Giving readers another incentive to return to your business is always brilliant, even while articles and blogs are insightful and educational. This may involve adding game-like elements to your app or website, offering users a behind-the-scenes look at your goods and services through tutorials and videos, or launching a campaign focusing on user-generated content.

Consider Your Brand From The Consumer’s Point of View

The secret to providing clients with higher experiences is to actively solicit their input and implement/realign tactics and methods depending on the knowledge gained.

Retailers should also monitor consumer comments on all social media platforms since this may help them identify issues and their scope and take preventative action to solve them. Several solutions are available to watch and monitor your brand and how people see it based on numerous data points.

Strengthen Delivery & Fulfillment Capabilities

Customers are more likely to get dissatisfied with the experience and start looking for alternatives if they are forced to wait longer than expected for your product and/or service. Staying prepared all year round will show customers that there is a sense of urgency in fulfilling their orders.  

Sellers are working increasingly to improve their shipping and delivery fulfillment procedures, even going so far as to provide two-day delivery. Click-and-collect, which enables customers to buy things online and pick them up in-store or at a collection location and dramatically reduces the time for fulfillment, is another fantastic strategy that businesses could use.


There’s no denying that AI may significantly improve your marketing approach and has a wide range of applications in the field of marketing. With its broad range of capabilities, intelligently integrating AI into current operations may assist businesses in gaining insightful information, seeing new possibilities, and enabling them to put plans in place for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. 

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