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CBS Dramas ‘Scorpion’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Lead Monday Overnights

The following are the early overnight household ratings from the top 56 metered markets in half-hour breakdowns for Monday, February 8, 2016:

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Prime Averages
Network HH Rtg/Share

Programming Insider Mon., Feb. 8, 2016
8:00 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
The Bachelor 6.2/10
Supergirl 5.1/8
Superstore 3.4/5
The X-Files 5.2/8
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 0.7/1
8:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
The Bachelor 6.1/9
Supergirl 5.0/8
Telenovela 2.1/3
The X-Files 5.2/8
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 0.6/1
9:00 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
The Bachelor 6.0/9
Scorpion 7.2/11
The Biggest Loser 2.4/4
Lucifer 3.7/6
Jane the Virgin 0.8/1
9:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
The Bachelor 6.1/9
Scorpion 7.1/11
The Biggest Loser 2.5/4
Lucifer 3.5/5
Jane the Virgin 0.7/1
10:00 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Castle 4.1/7
NCIS: Los Angeles 6.4/10
The Biggest Loser 2.4/4
10:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Castle 3.7/7
NCIS: Los Angeles 6.0/11
The Biggest Loser 2.3/4
11:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Jimmy Kimmel 2.3/6
Late Show with Stephen Colbert 3.2/8
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon 2.9/7
12:00a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Jimmy Kimmel 1.6/5
Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2.2/6
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon 2.1/6
12:30a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Nightline 1.2/4
Late Late Show with James Corden 1.4/5
Late Night with Seth Meyers 1.5/5
1:00a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Late Late Show with James Corden 1.1/4
Late Night with Seth Meyers 1.1/4
1:30a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Last Call with Carson Daly 0.7/3

Source: Nielsen Media Research

Written by Douglas Pucci

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  1. X-Files basically tied with Supergirl–considering that there’s only six eps of X-Filesm and this is just the fourth, that’s not good. Novelty and nostalgia tend to wear off in a hurry. Maybe they should have just made it a two night thing–one long story.

    All this thing is doing is proving that they told every viable story in this franchise with these characters played by these actors a long long time ago–several times over.

  2. I had never noticed such huge drops in the half hour for the late night shows. Makes sense since people are going to bed as it gets later and later.

    • Nice to see Colbert got a post-Superbowl bump. His show really is a lot better than Seth Myers’ Tonight Show. But Letterman was usually better than Leno, and where did that get him? Tonight has been the dominant late night franchise since the Cambrian Era. 😉

      • I think Colbert’s fundamental problem is he isn’t a very natural host. He’s a genius in character, but that’s not the gig.

        • I agree with you. I think that that is what CBS did not realize before offering him a show in that specific genre.

          • I think CBS knew that this is a once-in-a-lifetime talent, and there just wasn’t anybody better to make the offer to. Nobody else in that league. Seriously, are we talking about any of the others? What kind of ratings do you think Myers would be getting on CBS, which has never consistently beaten NBC in latenight?

            The fact is, Colbert is the only latenight host worth having a conversation about. He’s the one that matters. Just like Letterman was, even though he rarely had the #1 spot in the ratings.

            They made the best pick available, and now they just need to be patient.

        • He’s actually one of the best interviewers of all time. Sharper and faster than anyone around now–maybe that’s not what people want–maybe they just want shallow and slow, in which case they’ve got Seth Myers.

          I think the problem is more that he’s had to dumb himself down for this format–he doesn’t entirely believe in it. But he has been showing signs of figuring out how to make it work for him, and his best material is light years ahead of everybody else’s–on network OR cable. The Daily Show simply isn’t what it used to be–I think since Colbert and Stewart left Comedy Central, and everybody started getting his or her own show, the writing and on-air talent is getting spread too thin.

          He’s holding the same #2 position in the ratings that Letterman had for decades. If he’s not losing to Kimmel, he’s not going anywhere.