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Security Measures To Deploy For Using A Free VPN

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Security in today’s digital era is no joke considering the consequences it can have on your life! Numerous people opt for a VPN as it’s the phenomenal method available for safeguarding their privacy. While levelling up the security to the fullest is possible with a paid VPN many can also utilize a free VPN to cut expenses. 

Using a free VPN does come with a catch as you will be required to deploy other security measures along with it to ensure you are as safe as the individual using a paid version of VPN. Having acknowledged the need to deploy significant safety measures you will be curious to know how you can use a free VPN to stay safe from any security risk. 

So, here are a few things you should examine before using a free VPN:

Navigate Resorful Free VPN

Start by navigation you can’t just use any free VPN as there are many VPNs that will not meet the security measures you want to have while using the internet. Look for a free VPN that has good ratings with positive customer reviews. Checking ratings will allow you to conveniently navigate an ideal VPN for use. 

Further, you should check the options the free VPN offers including regions to connect to, great customer support, private DNS, friendly user interface, and ad and malware protection. These are some of the basic services a free VPN should offer to get more you will have to opt for a paid VPN. 

Keep Free VPN Updated

Frequently updating the free VPN is crucial as developers constantly release security updates to make the VPN more robust and secure to use.  By time individuals find new methods to exploit security but reputable free VPNs such as Planet Free VPN keep patching the vulnerabilities to safeguard users from any such concern. 

So missing out on an update can also put you can risk ensure you remember that and keep your free VPN updated. 

Examine Encryption

Encryption is what makes your connection to a remote VPN server secure and untraceable. Examine the encryption the free VPN equips you with while connecting you to a remote server. Try using only those free VPNs that come with:

  • Robust encryption
  • Transparent information about servers
  • Clear privacy policy
  • Strick no-logs policy

Avoid Torrenting With a Free VPN

Torrenting is something that can go against many free VPNs’ terms of service! Only a few free VPNs allow users to access torrenting services as the task requires a lot of data. Since a free VPN sometimes have data limitations and slower connection speed, torrenting becomes not so suitable task with a free VPN anyway.  

Therefore check if a free VPN allows torrenting before using it to ensure that you are safe and sound throughout the process. 

Utilize The Kill Switch Function

Nowadays many free VPNs provide the exclusive features of kill switch. A kill switch is basically a feature that automatically disconnects you from your internet. How does that help? Well, a VPN sometimes can disconnect from the server unexpectedly leaving your information exposed to all the websites you are surfing at that time. 

So, what the kill switch feature does is that it disconnects you from your internet connection as soon as the VPN server unexpectedly disconnects. 


A free VPN does equip you with valuable security options but it is crucial for you to find one that is reliable and use it wisely with additional security measures. By choosing the correct free VPN, keeping it updated, checking its encryption and avoiding torrenting you can have a secure and anonymous browsing experience.