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Serbia: A Booming Destination for Expats

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Serbia is a European destination that is actively attracting expats thanks to its friendly policy, rapidly developing business and infrastructure, and lots of new projects to join. Besides, the ways of obtaining European citizenship are extremely limited and almost non-existent, while Serbia is on the verge of becoming a part of the EU family and it offers a straightforward path to citizenship by naturalization. The process takes at least 5 years, so you may be entitled to an EU passport by that time!

Relocation is taken more or less seriously by many people – however, you will still need to collect some information and read on pros and cons of moving to Serbia to make a well-informed decision. Take advantage of our knowledge base of articles at the International Wealth portal to find out all you need to know about Serbia. We write a lot about the country as this is a booming destination, and we help people with relocation to Serbia on a daily basis. 

Most people need assistance as they may feel uneasy in a new country. We have specialists who will help you at the initial stage (when you still hesitate to make a decision) and at later stages (when you have to make certain steps). Start with an online consultation (some of our services are free). However, you will definitely need help on-site, and we have a local office in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, so you can rely on our support at any moment.

Now it’s time to discover Serbia in more detail.

Well-Developed Infrastructure and Stunning Nature

75% of Serbia is covered by mountains, which is great news for those who enjoy beautiful mountain views, picturesque canyons and valleys, rivers, and lakes. The tourism sector is just at the stage of development, so you will hardly find crowds of tourists in the mountains. There are a lot of areas with pristine nature dominated by complete silence for you to enjoy!

Serbia provides really good education and healthcare services. As for secondary education, you will find a lot of Serbian and international (French, British, and American) schools where the tuition fee is quite reasonable. Higher education is on a high level as well: the University of Belgrade is a reputable higher educational establishment founded in 1808 that is one of the 300 best universities in the world, and it is open to local and international students.

Public healthcare is accessible to all those who have a residence permit. However, Serbia has a lot of private medical institutions that provide excellent services (considered the best in the region!) at affordable prices, and expats usually choose them to cater to their needs.

Serbia: Economic Matters

Serbia has made a great leap forward in recent years in terms of its economy thanks to the competent actions of the government. It is doing a lot to attract foreign investors, and its pro-business laws have helped to make major European and Asian investors interested. 

There are a lot of projects implemented in Belgrade to turn it into a technologically advanced city, improve its cityscape, and restore the areas that are traditionally used for rest and recreation.

Belgrade’s business center is not left unattended, either: apartments and business areas are being actively reconstructed to cater to the needs of the actively developing IT sector. It is enjoying dramatic growth, so you may think of starting your IT company in Serbia or re-domiciling the existing one here.

The Serbia government is also taking care of its international trade relations by concluding numerous agreements with different nations. It is not just a part of common European trade agreements but also has treaties with Turkey, Kazakhstan, and even Japan. All this makes international trade easier, which is an additional advantage for entrepreneurs seeking to launch an undertaking here.

Tax Rates in Serbia

Serbia is interested in attracting highly qualified staff and high-tech companies, so it comes up with new tax incentives every year. It does not offer zero taxes, though, but the deductions will be quite sufficient for your business to feel good.

Let’s take a look at basic tax rates:

  • If no deductions are applicable (which is a rare case), companies will pay 15%.
  • Dividends distributed to shareholders are taxable at 15% as well.
  • If your personal income does not exceed 18,000 euros, you will not pay any tax.
  • If the amount you earn ranges between 18,000 and 53,000 euros, you are liable for 10%.
  • Everything above that amount is taxed at 15%.
  • No wealth tax is applicable, which is great news for HNW individuals.
  • Inheritance and gift taxes range from 1.5% to 2.5%.

Serbian Lifestyle

Whether you like culture, hiking, nightlife, or enjoying delicious cuisine, you will find something for you to do in Serbia. Spa and health resorts (you can choose one of the 50 of them) will keep your energy high, and ski centers will make it possible for you to discover beautiful mountains.

And if you are looking for cultural hotspots and nightlife, Belgrade and Novi Sad are the cities for you. Enjoy cafes with tasty dishes and a relaxed atmosphere, attend sports events, and visit galleries to enjoy art.

And if you get tired of city hustle and bustle, Serbia will offer its rural splendor to you where you can enjoy unspoiled nature and a traditional Serbian lifestyle that has not changed for centuries.

Residence Permit by Investment

Serbia gives investors and entrepreneurs an opportunity to easily obtain a residence permit. However, this is not a standard citizenship-by-investment program: if you need a Serbian passport, you will have to follow a standard naturalization procedure.

Let’s consider two simple ways of obtaining a Serbian residence permit.

Establish a Company in Serbia

You will need to submit the documents required for company registration (in Serbian) and sign a rental agreement. With our help both of these can be done remotely, so you will not even need to leave the comfort of your home to obtain your residence permit for the whole family!

Purchase Real Estate

You can buy any piece of real estate in Serbia – even if it costs 10,000 euros – to receive a residence permit, and this is a truly outstanding offer!


If you are interested in the Serbian opportunity, don’t waste time as the inflow of expats is increasing every year. Follow the link above to contact our experts right now and find out all the details that are missing in the general picture. See you in Serbia!