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Serhii Tokarev About the Contribution of AI to the Development of Ukraine

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Serhii Tokarev, a renowned tech investor and co-founder and partner of Roosh, shared the results of the AI Safety Summit regarding the future of artificial intelligence technologies.

“I didn’t anticipate such a rapid development of AI technologies. Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the world in which we live, from the operating processes of individual companies to the general state of society,” noted the Roosh company co-founder.

Society is now actively adapting to the rapid changes due to the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence, and key figures in politics, technology, and public life are expressing a wide range of concerns. Important debates are being held about property rights, the creation of deep fakes, the ethics of decisions and issues of legal responsibility for them.

Serhii Tokarev also reports that additional conversations focus on the potential automation of up to 300 million jobs worldwide, according to Goldman Sachs estimates. In this context, public dialogue is intensifying on how to strike a balance between innovation and human interests in light of the challenges presented by artificial intelligence.

US President Joe Biden has taken on the role of chief security guard in the field of artificial intelligence. A fresh decree aimed at companies developing AI puts forward demands for transparency. Companies are now required to inform the federal government about their model training processes and share safety testing results.

The move underscores the United States’ commitment to effective regulation and oversight of artificial intelligence, as well as its willingness to embrace the challenges posed by the safety and ethical use of new technologies.

The current debate about artificial intelligence focuses on unlikely scenarios: will AI turn against humanity? Will the end of civilization come due to artificial intelligence? Serhii Tokarev voiced his opinion regarding this: “If this happens, it will not be in the near future.”

However, the panic surrounding these fantastical scenarios distracts from real threats, such as the use of deep fakes in the run-up to the US presidential election. Instead of focusing on unrealistic fears, we need to pay attention to the actual challenges we face today.

According to Serhii Tokarev, artificial intelligence provides unique opportunities for improving human activity. Instead of seeing it as a potential threat, it should be seen as an extension of human intelligence. AI technologies can prevent and counter various negative actions, highlighting their value in ensuring safety and efficiency. For example, at Reface, much of the code is created using AI, which significantly increases productivity and allows programmers to focus on more creative tasks. This approach does not reduce the number of specialists, but makes their work more efficient, opening up opportunities for new ideas and innovations.

“Ukraine is one of the leading countries in Eastern Europe in the implementation of AI in the corporate sector. Today, when more and more countries are introducing restrictions on the development of technologies, we can become a global platform for testing the technologies of the largest companies working in the field of artificial intelligence,” emphasized Serhii Tokarev. “Above all, we will demonstrate how the industry can thrive if it is not limited – trust me, there will be no robot uprising. Through case law, we will not blindly restrict developers, but will set certain rules for the industry.” This approach will lead to success in the use of new technologies in the modern world.