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Seven eCommerce Challenges & How To Troubleshoot Them

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Setting an online store and making it boom with flying colors is not a piece of cakewalk; one needs to set all the equations suitable for the same. For a successful and flourishing eCommerce business, all you need is the right kind of execution, prioritizing customer satisfaction in the first place.

But not every day is the same, and hurdles are sure to come your way in the form of challenges and shortcomings. For this, you should always be geared up with troubleshooting solutions to stay ahead in this competitive world. Here we present before you a useful troubleshooting guide that will pen down a few significant challenges faced by eCommerce stores: 

Troubleshooting The Most Common eCommerce Challenges

1. Online Identity Verification

Every customer you approach through email marketing and get them registered on your portal may not be genuine. Some may only be there to waste your time. Some people are cranky enough to order a cart full of products, opt for cash on delivery and get the products delivered to nowhere land. This may only result in a waste of time and money for the business. So how do you get to identify people who are genuine and whether they are entering their correct details?

Using online identity verification apps and software is the only avail to such a challenging problem. Your website should have a proper procedure to verify a customer’s information to ensure that they are not entering any fake details and addresses. 

2. Cybersecurity

With more and more hackers entering the world, your website and store always stay at the risk of being attacked by viruses. Further, in the worst cases, such cyberattacks may also cause the leakage of your customer’s confidential data, and you can clearly understand the risks if they happen to gain access to customer’s credit card details, right?

Cybersecurity is one of the darkest nightmares that an eCommerce business can have if they happen to fall prey to any such cyber-attack. Thus, it is mandatory to value regular data backups, instainstallity plugins and properly manage servers to cut down on the cyber-attack risks. 

3. Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem most eCommerce companies face; even you might have done the same many times during online shopping. But have you ever thought of the reason behind cart abandonment? What makes a customer change his/her mind after filling their stuff?

Sometimes, the reasons may be personal, such as mood swings, expensive products, and similar reasons. But the main culprit behind cart abandonment is a challenging check-out process that causes a customer to lose his/her cool and switch on to some other site that offers an easy checkout process.

So if you are someone facing regular cart abandonment in your store, then it is high time you mend your bug-filled checkout process and redesign it and cut back on the long and frustrating checkout process.

4. Poor Content & Product Descriptions

Product descriptions and a few product pictures are all that you have on an eCommerce while you hunt for a product of your choice. On such online platforms, one does not get to avail the help of an assistant to make a purchase decision, and thus product descriptions are the only thing that one can rely on. 

And, if at all the product descriptions are misguiding and do not give a clear idea about the product, there are high chances of a customer swapping ahead and making a move. Thus it is vital to have detailed product descriptions to let the customers have a clear idea about what is in store for them.

5. Inaccurate Stock

Who would want to browse a stock that is not alluring enough to grab eyeballs? Not, anyone though! Thus, it may not only leave abandoned carts but empty carts at the same time. Therefore every eCommerce store must stay tuned to the latest trends and accordingly stock their platform with relevant and trendy stuff that rules the market.

6. Product Returns & Refunds

No one would like to pay for a product that they do not like. When you hit a brick-and-mortar store for shopping, you can quickly turn a product upside down, view it from every angle, stretch it and do almost anything you wish to ensure the quality of the product. This way, the customer has peace of mind that whatever they have brought satisfies their purchasing instincts.

But the same might not be the case when you shop online; you cannot physically touch and judge the quality of the product. All you get to see are a few product descriptions, reviews, and a few pictures to make up your mind to shop. But what if you do not get what you thought of?

One would opt for a return or refund, right? Thus having proper return and refund policies in place stands of paramount importance if you wish to attract more customers to your eCommerce store. Failure to do so will only result in making your customers switch to some other store that offers genuine and instant return and refund policies.

7. Offering Omnichannel Experience

In today’s fast-moving world, most shopping websites are fledging their customers to reach out to them in numerous ways. May it be to contact their support agents, their website, live messaging, or connect via social media. Multiple platforms allow a customer to connect to the store.

And if there is any business that fails to adopt the Omnichannel strategy, there are high chances of being left behind in the race. Thus it is essential to make your website or store have an Omnichannel presence to enable more touchpoints and channels to allow your customers to connect with you.

Summing Up

There you go – these were a few common challenges faced by eCommerce businesses. But the catch lies in transforming your challenges into opportunities by resolving those issues and coming out better for your customers.

We hope that we have given you enough good ideas to troubleshoot the challenges faced by an eCommerce store. So what are you waiting for? Check out the issues you face, hit them and get a solution to roll on more business for your store!