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Shipping from UK to HK Only £4.72: The Cheapest Way You Can’t Miss

Hong Kong is one of the world’s central financial centers, consistently ranked as one of the world’s most competitive economic entities. It is an important logistics gateway, especially for goods shipping from UK to HK and the Chinese mainland to HK. Since Hong Kong is considered as the perfect base from which businesses can enter the Chinese market, it’s essential to find a reliable logistics company to ship your products to Hong Kong or transport your belongings there. 

When it comes to shipping from UK to HK, many people wonder about the cheapest shipping cost. It is recommended that you take your time and research before hiring a courier service to provide you with the best service shipping from UK to HK. There are plenty of reliable courier services offering shipping from UK to HK at extremely reasonable prices. But firstly, let’s clear out which factors will influence the shipping cost.

Important Facts that Influence Costs Shipping from UK to HK

E-commerce has been booming over the past few years, and customers buy desirable goods online and receive them without going out. In this case, finding a cost-effective courier service is of vital importance. The following have enlisted a few underlying factors that can influence shipping costs to help you find the right courier service for shipping from UK to HK. Here is what you need to be mindful of: 

  • The Delivery Time 

The first thing that will influence the shipping cost is the delivery time. Most courier services will offer you an estimated delivery time depending on where you are shipping from and to. Some courier services will also offer quicker and more personalized shipping services to deliver your items on time. However, you may have to pay more to avail of these services. 

Instead of choosing a delivery service that charges you more, you should look for a courier service to deliver your items quicker and at a lower cost. For instance, 4PX Hong Kong is known to deliver your parcel to Hong Kong from the UK in 4 days! And you can get some discount coupons from the official website to lower the cost of shipping from UK to HK. 

  • The Weight and Size of the Parcel

The dimensions of your package will ultimately influence the cost of shipping. The larger and heavier your parcel is, the more it will cost you when shipped from the UK to HK. And the shipping costs of smaller parcels are not as costly. Thus, being smart with packaging can help you save costs. 

  • Whether Need Value-Added Services

If you request additional value-added services such as reinforcement, insurance, photograph, binning, or home pick-up, you may be required to pay more. Such value-added services often come at a clear pricing model that you can find on the official website.

4PX Hong Kong: The World’s Leading Express Courier Provider

If you are wondering who is the best express courier provider for transporting your goods from the UK to HK, please take 4PX Hong Kong into consideration. 4PX Hong Kong is one of the leading express courier providers to provide satisfying logistics services. The company offers a striking balance between affordability and reliability. Not only does it deliver your packages on time, but at a highly cost-effective price. For instance, its pricing starts from just HK$46 (£4.72) for items weighing around 2 pounds and includes picking up services. 

However, it offers a wide range of discounts for its new and existing members. For instance, as new members, you can get HK$20(£2.05) off on your first shipping order from the UK, US, and Japan to Hong Kong. It means that the original shipping from UK to HK is HK$46 (£4.72) for 2 pounds, and now you only need to pay HK$26 (£2.67)!

Thus, if you are looking for one of the cheapest courier services for shipping from UK to HK and it is capable of having your parcels delivered in excellent condition, check out 4PX today!