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Should You Buy YouTube 4000 Hours Watch Time?

When it comes to video-sharing platforms, YouTube takes the cake. It is easily miles ahead of other similar apps and websites. While that benefits viewers, content creators may find the crowd challenging. The competition on YouTube is VERY high, with over 113.94 million channels

That leaves content creators with limited options to grow. Experts recommend the most effective method is purchasing watch time. However, most people will think, why is it a good option?

So, let’s find the answer to: should you buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time? 

5 Benefits You Get If You Buy YouTube 4000 Hours Watch Time

First, let’s start with the benefits you will get if you buy YouTube views or watch time.

1. Room to Grow

It is important to note that YouTube is one of the most crowded platforms online. You might not find room to grow manually. There are content creators in every niche with an already established subscriber base. That is why decent watch time will give you a good jumpstart. 

Moreover, you will get more exposure as a credible YouTuber. Watch time is one of the most important metrics on YouTube. It highlights the presence of a channel to viewers, bringing it to a broader audience. So, if you buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time, you will 

2. Monetization Eligibility

YouTube is also one of the most lucrative platforms for content creators. Getting monetized on this video-sharing app will open an income stream for you. However, not every channel can apply for YouTube’s monetization program. It has strict requirements, including 3,000 hours of public watch time within the last 3 months. 

Gathering this number can be quite challenging, but not if you buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time. That’s because it makes you more than eligible for the monetization program. This way, you can start earning with content creation quickly. 

3. Leave Your Mark

As mentioned earlier, competition is one of the biggest challenges on YouTube for new content creators. You will find large channels in your niche with higher watch time and subscribers. Hence, you might get oversaturated by them. 

However, buying watch time will help you get ahead of many competitors. Some might be on your level. You can leave them behind with this bought watch time. Plus, it opens doors of exposure to similar channels. You can collaborate with them if you have something to offer. This watch time will work as the stepping stone to many growth opportunities. 

4. Save Your Time

Reaching the 4000-hour watch time milestone manually can be a hectic task. It requires regular scheduled uploading with effort in content creation. Moreover, you have to manage the channel, respond to user feedback, etc. Even then, you might be unable to collect this number.

That is why buying watch time is a time-saving approach. It saves you from the hassles that would otherwise require you to clean your schedule. The buying process takes a few hours to complete. Then, you will get this number on your account. 

5. A Secure & Convenient Process

Buying YouTube watch time is an easy and user-friendly process. All you need is to find a reliable service provider, and you are all set. The best part is that it is safe and secure, considering you have chosen a trusted company. While many scammers are out there, you can always find suitable options.

Is It Good to Buy YouTube 4000 Hours Watch Time?

So, what’s the final verdict? Should you buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time or not? The short answer is yes. The benefits of this opportunity make it a MUST-have for new content creators not getting the response they want. The best part is that it makes you eligible to start earning! 

Where to Buy YouTube 4000 Hours Watch Time?

Buying YouTube watch hours is the best jumpstart for your content creation journey. But which service provider to choose? The online space is full of scammers who might steal your money and account information. 

That is why you should always buy YouTube views, watch time, or subscribers from a reputable company like Neptune Views. It has a safe process with complete transparency. Plus, the service offers continuous customer support throughout. This way, you can always stay updated about your package. This watch time is monetization-eligible, guaranteed to enhance your channel’s engagement rate. 


And that’s why you should buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time. It can also help established channels not getting the same traffic lately. You can revive or start your channel using this opportunity. Neptune Views will smoothen the process with its secure services protected by 256-bit SSL. Within 24 hours, you will notice an exponential growth for your channel.