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Showtime Cancels ‘SMILF’

The Cancellation Comes on the Heels of Creator Frankie Show's Deal Being Suspended by ABC Studios

Showtime has opted against a third season of comedy “SMILF” and has put its current deal with creator Frankie Shaw on hold following allegations of misconduct.

“Frankie Shaw’s overall deal with ABC Studios has been suspended without pay while we review our options,” an ABC Studios spokesperson said.

According to Vanity Fair: Behind-the-scenes issues with Shaw’s role as “SMILF” showrunner emerged in December, as staffers complained to the Writers Guild of America of race-based separation in the writers’ room, as well as improper crediting and compensation. Separately, Shaw is alleged to have pressured co-star Samara Weaving into a nude scene during the first season (her contract has a no-nudity clause), and violated on-set discretion for the filming of a season 2 sex scene.

Debuting on November 5, 2017, “SMILF” was based on Shaw’s short film of the same title. The series’ title, SMILF, is a play on the term “MILF, with the “S” standing for “single”, or “Southie” (a nickname for South Boston), or both. A total of 14 episodes were produced.