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Singapore Phone Number

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Previously we told you about Turkey, Spain, Germany phone numbers. Today we will speak about Singapore phone and I will answer all possible questions below. Stay tuned!

What is Singapore virtual number?

The most important and the easiest question in my opinion.

Firstly, let’s define a virtual number of any country:

About structure: Singapore has +65 country code and 8 digits in end. So it looks like +65 XXXX XXXX.

Secondly, it is necessary to add that in most cases of using virtual numbers you even don’t need to give your personal data to somebody. It works with Singapore mobile numbers too.

Why I should use the Singapore number?

In case of using virtual numbers, every country has its own advantages and disadvantages. I will add list of reasons to choose Singapore:

  • Country status: If you have Singapore Telegram or Whatsapp, your contacts may think you’re living there. It may raise your social status.
  • Popularity: Singapore is not so popular in the bulk SMS market, so numbers are mostly valid.
  • Quality: Singapore is one of the richest and most expensive countries in the whole world. That’s why Singapore phone numbers are much better than, for example, India or Bangladesh phone numbers.
  • Price: Despite previous reasons, Singapore phone numbers are not so expensive. Korean or Japanese numbers will cost $2-5 per SMS and more when Singapore will cost below $1.

I think it is enough for Singapore temporary phone number to be chosen. Let’s go further.

When you can use the Singapore number for SMS?

As you know, mostly fake phone numbers are being used for signing up somewhere.

Singapore is not an exception. Their numbers are allowed to sign up in every app with international OTP SMS. But there are some local apps in various countries where you can use only local phone numbers, for example, Hopi in Turkey. But for other websites, you can use Singapore almost every time.

Where can you buy the Singapore number?

There are lots of suppliers of phone numbers worldwide. But I will tell you about 3 possible ways to get virtual phone number fluently.

  1. SMS-Man. Here you can buy temporary phone numbers from almost all countries of the world for $0.05 and more. How to do it? I will tell you further.
  2. Local phone operators. It is the hardest way to get a phone number in every country. If you are not a citizen, you can get only a touristic SIM card and it will be much more expensive than a burner phone.
  3. Free SMS websites. It is also an option to get an SMS, but there are no guarantees that you’ll receive it. Also, free numbers are well-worn in 99% of cases. I don’t recommend using it.

How can you get Singapore disposable phone number?

As I said, I will explain to you how to get your fake phone number at SMS-Man. Follow my guide and you’ll see no complaints.

1. Go to Sign up there and top up your balance. If you feel problem, you can find all help in FAQ and their support group.

2. Go to main page of website and choose Singapore in countries list by clicking it.

3. Then scroll down and choose needed service. I will choose Google.

4. Click “Buy” and you will see bought number in top of page. Just copy it and use for signing up!

5. After app send you OTP, return on website and tap “Get SMS” near to your number. Easy and that!

You can also go to our Telegram channel with free numbers!

I hope you won’t face any questions about Singapore numbers for verification anymore. Wait for new country guides and stay tuned!